Those Overly Advertised Christmas Commercials Come To An End

Since Halloween has come and gone, the following day the Christmas Commercials on TV, RADIO, INTERNET had come up, and today those Overly Advertised Christmas commercials have come to an end, thank goodness. I mean its one thing to advertise a product but to have the same commercials playing over and over again is something that I do not like. Christmas has become so business saturated, too commercialized and these companies, businesses just want the money and they also pay big bucks to advertise things that do not need to be advertised every 5 minutes.

Where do we draw the line? The true essence and the true meaning of Christmas is becoming rare. The last 2 weeks, the shopping malls, plaza’s have been over-filled with shoppers, people fighting over parking spots, trying to find parking in overcrowded parking lots of malls. I stay away from malls and places to shop in the month of December. I mean whatever there is, I can buy it other times of the year and I do not have to risk being trampled over, waiting in super long line-ups, getting stressed out on finding a good parking spot, so on and so forth.

When I get into my car and I go somewhere, I listen to the Radio and all I hear are Christmas commercials on furniture, cars, toys, so on and so forth, so I turn the channel or I turn off the radio and put music on. I am just so fed up of those commercials. I am glad its all over with today. I mean yes these things are some peoples bread and butter and the way some people make their money to survive, but Who else finds it super annoying when things are excessively and overly advertised?

Everything has its limits.

Thanks for dropping by, and Enjoy Christmas day!


45 thoughts on “Those Overly Advertised Christmas Commercials Come To An End

  1. Unfortunately it has been that way and might get worse since they are thinking in opening shops in certain holidays. As you said best to stay away. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year

  2. One of the nice things about living overseas… first in Abu Dhabi for 3 years where there are NO commercials on TV AT ALL and now in China, where I don’t watch TV… I do not, at all, miss all those commercials!!!
    That is all Christmas is about anymore, commercialism. I haven’t missed not being home this time of year. I usually fly home in late November and celebrate Thanksgiving instead.
    I’m celebrating my Christmas morning (it’s 814 a.m. here in China) with a warm cup of coffee and reading my favorite blogs (like yours)… I have a British friend here for the month and we’ll cook dinner for 11 friends I’ve met here in China… will be a lovely, non-commercialized day!
    Merry CHRISTmas, Talin 🙂

  3. Oh, I don’t think the ads are over yet. Now it’s going to be all the after Christmas sales. It never seems to end. Then it will be Valentine’s Day and so on.

    Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the blog.


  4. Yes, it is getting to be a bit much.
    Yesterday I had quite an experience. I had one gift to buy. A scarf for my mother-in-law. There is one mall that I never shop at because it is filled with stores selling overpriced stuff. But there is also a Macy’s there, and there’s always parking. So I went. I’m an idiot. Macy’s had no staff and no stuff. So I decided foolishly to check some of the other stores. No scarf for less than $150. Plus it was SNOWING in the main corridor of the mall. SNOWING. On me. Outside it was about 50 degrees and sunny.

    I continued down the hall, through the snow (it did not require shoveling. What a novelty). There was a display of cars. Ferrari. Lamborghini. Mazerati.

    Commercial? Christmas? What makes you say that?

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Hmmm…I’m in two minds about this post. I agree the much of the commercialism of Christmas is tacky and excessive. Having said that, one could argue that the commercialism only exists because business recognised the prior value people placed on it (whether Christian or humanist). It is quite nice being able to walk into a shop or cafe and there’s Christmas music playing. Of course, the commercialism is completely at odds with the true, Christian meaning of Christmas but, at the same time, it reflects the valuable gift that God gave us.

    I agree that, in one sense, Christmas does end tomorrow in an anticlimax. But I hope the message of Christmas is something that we carry for the rest of year.

  6. Yes, I agree with you, Talin, the commercialisation is appalling. I couldn’t believe the scenes when some sports shoe went on sale and people were fighting and scrapping over buying them. However, over here ni Australia there does seem to be a sort of quietening down and a bit of a more reflective attitude on buying heaps of stuff at Christmas. I must admit, I do love the cheery greetings, but we always have a quiet Christmas and avoid all the glitzy stuff. It’s just after 1pm here on the east coast, blue skies, bright sunshine, but – even after 40 years in Oz – Xmas in the warmth seems odd. We are moving back to the Northern Hemisphere in Feb/March and I must admit I’ll be glad to return to seasons which seem “right” to me. But we’ll be living in a small Mediterranean country where, hopefully, there won’t be too much commercialised shlock at Xmas. Have a good break, and thank you for your enjoyable, positive posts, they always bring a smile to my face.

  7. I had rather watch the Christmas commercials than all the political ones that are fixin’ to crank up. I really dread those.
    There have been a few Christmas commercials I have enjoyed. Like the Hallmark Cards. Those are sweet. The thing is now the stores will just start focusing on the next holiday. We do live in a material world.
    But for tonight Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  8. I totally agree with you. I don’t think that is somehow good to our society. We are sometime forced by the media, to do some stuffs just because others are doing it. imagine if you buy those commercialized stuff to yourself or your children and I don’t , the feeling is frustrating.

  9. Some even believed that Philippines celebrates the Christmas holidays longer than any other places. I watched a local documentary stating that some even celebrate Christmas here as soon as “ber” months stepped in the calendar (September) and last until the traditional three kings (around Jan 6). Your post is very timely. Indeed, everything has its limits.

    Thank you!

  10. i am not the best writer,or speller in the world,I shared you with facebook,thanks for liking some of my post.Some how if we could link together your bulling stuff and anything else that may help me get my life back i would really be grateful,thanks and merry christmas

  11. I totally agree with you! So much focus is on gifts, shopping, etc. and Christmas has really lost its meaning to some people. I am also glad all of the Christmas insanity is coming to an end! It gets so crazy out there. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and thank you for checking out and following my blog!

  12. Greetings Talin, Christmas has become so commercial that it has certainly lost its religious significance. I was listening to a radio show a two days ago and was surprised to learn that even atheists now celebrate Christmas.
    Happy holidays!!!

  13. We’ve managed to insulate ourselves not only from the message of the Christian Christmas, but also of the older pagan midwinter festival which used up food that wouldn’t last the winter while bolstering people’s spirits at the time of year when nights were longest and the coldest weather and most hardship were still to come, reminding them that from now on the days would get longer and in due course spring would come. OK, I know you have winters in Canada, but urban people insultate themselves from the seasons so much and so many “escape the winter” to sunny climes. I’d prefer to wait for the summer to come to me!

    I’m not sure that the commercialism does show that business recognises the value people place on a religious (whether Christian or not) Christmas. I think it recognises that it can build on and heighten the hype and pressure to spend, especially through manipulating children. That said, with no commercial pressure people would still like the idea of marking some kind of special time in some way which involved, but was not defined by, eating and drinking and thoughtful presents, and I wouldn’t begrudge the pub-owners bit of extra money from work Christmas lunch groups.

    I may be a proud Scrooge, for in general I don’t like walking into a shop and finding it drenched in sugary Christmas music. It seems so false. The Salvation Army singing carols and collecting for homeless people, now that I appreciate.

    Repeated adverts are a nuisance at any time. Even the clever ones begin to pall, and if you find an advert irritating first time round, tenth time round you will want to destroy something.

  14. I agree. It is sad how holidays changed from the sentimental times we had back in the day. It happens with everything. Family time isn’t the same anymore either. There is such hustle and bustle and iPods and computers…. and so much more…. Happy hustle-free holidays! Turn up the music and drown out the noise.

  15. Yes! In Puerto Rico, the decorations and commercials and all kinds of christmas advertising began in early October! They start earlier each year. It drives me crazy. And if you happen to come across the Mayor of San Juan’s christmas card, you’ll have a great laugh and maybe a tantrum. Snowy background, the family, and leopard eating an antelope thank you! Glad some people still understand what it’s all about.

  16. Exactly. We’re enjoying a very peaceful, low budget, hectic free, Christmas! Here’s wishing you the same 😀 Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Thanks for saying something that needs to be heard. I never listen to the radio for that very reason and I don’t shop for gifts during the holidays if I can help it. I believe in giving gifts from the heart and that often means giving them at random times throughout the year and not on just one specified day after fighting the crowds and getting angry and very un-merry!
    Happy Holidays to you!

  18. Glad the day is nearly over. I appreciate the spirit and true meaning of the season, but the ‘gotta buy’ ‘gotta buy’ makes me crazy. I don’t buy into it and I am less stressed for it.
    As a kindergarten teacher, I keep all that holiday hoopla far from our classroom and the kids don’t seem to miss it one bit. I’ve seen too many teachers spend the day before Xmas break with movies, cupcakes, and chaos!

  19. exactly, in my place, xmas advertising started as early as October, then in Dec almost all xmas thingy have finished up and now they are advertising CNY thingy!

    what can we do to those commercialised merchants? they r just doing their part in one way or another..


  20. I so agree with you, I insist my family gives me ideas for presents in November, I try my best to have all the shopping done at least by the first weekend in December. Or I order the gifts on the internet and have them delivered (saves wrapping time too). For me the holidays is about music, and family and love

  21. Excessive Christmas commercials are remeniscent of political ads and this year they they were running back to back…for the past 30 days I have only listened to satelite radio channels (no commercials) It saddens me that Christmas is sturated in commercialism…

  22. I agree and thank you for this post. I appreciate the tasteful lights and decorations of joy and celebration near the Holidays but feel almost assaulted by “another, different kind of holiday” generated by economics and materialism which still propels most even in these difficult times. Messages of Peace, Love and Recall of Meaning of Christmas recedes as all thought which precedes the “Silent Night” is crowded with purchase, food, lists, multiple gifts, re-gifting and so much more. It really saddens me. I try to keep it as pure as I can by the choices I make as you do.

  23. Merry Christmas!

    Where should the line be drawn, indeed! It’s an idea of the Adbusters magazine, but maybe we should start getting money from companies for taking up our mind space and making us listen to their ads all the time~~

  24. You are not alone – it is annoying! Unfortunately, here in Jamaica, we didn’t just have Christmas on the 25th; but we also have General Elections for a new Government coming up on the 29th! Imagine repeated ads for Christmas; as well as repeated ones for the 2 major political parties … Yup, a triple dose! 😦

  25. I get tired of the commercialism, too. (I don’t mind sales so much if I have something I need to buy and it happens to be on special :))

    Now they can start hyping Valentine’s Day (hubby gets off easy, because I refuse to acknowledge that made-up holiday!)

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