I Hope Ellen Degeneres Can See My Blog Posts About Bullying. I want to be on Her Show!

Recently a friend of mine created a Page on facebook to get me on the Ellen Degeneres Show. I am just like her when it comes to the subject on Bullying and raising awareness to stop it.  I want to get on her show and do more to stop bullying and to have 0 Tolerance. I really hope her staff and Ellen does see my blogging posts and this post and Hopefully facebook will lead me to California to be sitting beside her and talking to her.

Here are my blog articles on bullying,



Please share and like this amongst your family and friends if you have facebook on The following facebook page and spread this page out to the world and try to get as many people to join this as you can. Thank you so much!


38 thoughts on “I Hope Ellen Degeneres Can See My Blog Posts About Bullying. I want to be on Her Show!

  1. I am with you on raising awareness against bullying; I remember what it was like and it happens more and more in the virtual scene. What people should really promote along with non-bullying is forms of expression and creative courage to stand up for themselves. Unfortunately bullying happens everywhere; it is the threat someone poses on others because of a competitive society and it sets up most people to seek out the weaker to feel stronger.

  2. I hope your wish comes true. Good luck! I am with you in raising awareness about bullying. My daughter has experienced it and I do not want it to be experienced by others…

  3. Talin, I hope you do get called to appear on the Ellen Show! We desperately need to send this message out and avoid the unnecessary angst and suffering some children go through. Every attempt to raise awareness helps. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the follow. I also know what it felt like to be bullied. Kids can be horrible and sadistic and more needs to be done to get to the root of the insecurities within the bully that prompt the evils that he/she does. It’s good that you’re trying to get that message out there.

  5. HEy there, Thank you for following my blog – surprising as it’s only been around for a day, I appreciate it!

    Nice blog you’ve got, best of luck with getting on Ellen, bullying is a very serious issue that need s zero tolerance!

  6. Hi Talin, although I’m a relative newcomer to the whole blogging (and Twitter) scene you’ve certainly opened my eyes to the effect it can have. I really appreciate you following both of my blogs and I hope you will be successful in yours. Living ‘across the pond’ in Scotland I can fully understand how you feel about bullying. Sometimes it can make you a stronger person, but sometimes it can have the most terrible results. We have to change society’s views to rid the world of bullying. These days it seems to be a matter of fitting in, and if you don’t… It’s easy to think that bullying only takes place at school but even in ‘adult’ life you may be made to feel an outcast or ‘different’. Bullying has many names but the effect for the recipient is the same. Although I personally have not felt its effects, I have seen the effect on others. Everyone is an individual with an individual’s rights and thoughts…this must not change!

  7. Talin:
    I am with you 100% in your quest to stop bullying, including cyber-bullying. This technology comes with both a freedom and a responsibility.

    I hope you come to American to speak your mind someday. If not on Ellen’s show, some other venue. You strike me as someone intelligent with a lot to say.

    I will continue my quest for limited government in this country, so it can reduce its debt and be restored to its lofty status as the greatest country in the world.

    I will try to follow your blog as you follow mine. I cannot always respond in a timely fashion because I live in a rural town in Connecticut and commute to the city to work.

    Good luck

  8. Oh Talin,

    I wish you the best of luck on your crusade and hope Ellen finds her way to you. I love Ellen! She seems like such a wonderful human being not to mention she cracks me up and she dances.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and subscribing. So happy to have you on board.

    Off to visit your site!


  9. Why don’t you send her a note directly. I mean it. Believe it or not there’s a good chance she’ll get it. Write to the studio, send it special delivery. Someone more likely than not will sign for it.
    You write well, compose something. She’ll know you’re not a nut. Include the blog address and your bully related pieces.

    I’m encouraging you.


    • Susannah:
      Looks like you have found your spokesperson to speak out against cyber and other bullying. If you really do have the power to get her on Ellen’s show, why not? It’s easy to get celebrities to make a statement and you find out later they have committed other sins that get publicity and overshadow the good that was done. Here is someone who can speak on behalf of the average Jane and Joe.

      Scott Schoenhaus
      The 7 Train

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  11. Bullying is a serious problem. It indicates not only just a smattering of words or undesired actions but also creates harmful psychological stress that could be permanent. Bullying indicates a social change which is dangerous. Bullying usually occurs in urbanized areas. It should be voiced out and have the bullies punished.

    PS: talin401, many thanks for following and like my post. Hope the message will spread round for the art of goodness does pay for all of us. Thanks again for your visit.

  12. Hello, like your blog, I have a couple memories of bullying, I will try to post them in the next couple weeks on my blog. Your comments really inspired me to review them. I hope I can paint them vividly.

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