I am A Very Sentimental Person & I like to Keep My Memories

Since I was a little girl, looking at my mother and the way that she kept things from when I was a baby, I automatically started to keep things on my own and I learned to become very sentimental on certain things in my life and places and the vessel’s I have traveled with in my life. When I was growing up, one of my favourite things to keep was my boarding passes and tickets from Airlines, and Cruise Ships I have sailed on, so on and so forth.Β I have this habit of keeping everything. I keep Napkins with the Restaurant, Airline and Cruise ship logos on it, I keep brochures, pamphlets, Candy and Chocolate Wrappers, Receipts, Post Cards, Pens, Notepads, Concert tickets, Sports Games tickets,Β Wedding party favours, Invitation Cards,Β so on and so forth.

I love being so organized and everything is documented and kept, and sometimes I take out those boxes full of these things and I just look at them and remember my times when I traveled and stuff. When I receive gifts, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Notes, Letters and stuff. I have saved them all from my childhood. As I said, I am very sentimental and I value my belongings very much and I take care and respect them. Okay I am not to the point where I am a hoarder and like to keep every single little thing in my life. I am not to the level where you cannot even walk in your house with mountains of things. No way, that is so not me. I keep things, but I don’t go to that extent.

Now some of my family members outside of my home and couple of friends here and there tell me and ask my why keep all that? Why take up space? I always say to them because I like looking at them from time to time and I value and cherish where these things came from. I love to travel so much and I love to keep things from my travels. Its pretty neat to get things from other countries. I know a lot of people aren’t very sentimental and they don’t keep anything from traveling, so on and so forth, but some conversation or something can come up and you want to remember the hotel room number you were in, or your seat number in an airplane you traveled on, or when you get asked a question from your travels, you automatically know what to say or where to find those things if your loved ones ask you.

I love memories and looking at those memories. Nothing is more incredible and nicer than memories, the good ones of course.

88 thoughts on “I am A Very Sentimental Person & I like to Keep My Memories

  1. This is a major point of contention in my marriage. “Do we really need this, when was the last time you looked at our wedding pictures”. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree for that ,Memories is the great souvenir we have
    even good or bad in experience, we must move on go for that Talin πŸ™‚

  3. There’s nothing better than opening up a box of ‘bits and bobs’ as I call them, and reminiscing, I love to keep things like that too – it will hopefully help me when my memory starts to go!

  4. It’s always good to have those moments to reflect on. It baffles me when people don’t hold onto things from the past. When you get older, what will you have to look back on? Nothing? How does one keep moments alive without it? I have no clue. Sometimes the memories are all you have but when you have something physical to back it up, it makes the experience of going back in time so much better!

  5. I’m glad to know that the word “sentimental” can be used to mean so good a character of a person, as you have just meant here. Since English is not my mother tougue, I often wonder whether I can use such and such words to mean what I want. Now I can say with no doubt “I am sentimental, too.”

  6. I am beginning to love your blogs Talin your character shines through you are a caring , loving and thoughtful person who loves to have her memories around her, a sight a smell or a touch of these things can bring it all flooding back to you !! Ignore any critics about taking up space do as you want it is your life and you pass this way but once! Have a lovely day xx

  7. I find that people are so different in this respect. I for example don’t keep any objects of memories from my travels, simply because I never open the box again. For the same reason I don’t really take photos either. My fellow travelers take hundreds, so I can get those πŸ™‚ My photo album is in my mind and I really love to open it from time to time. The pictures are so vivid even after decades that I’m surprised sometimes.
    Despite that I really envy people like you Talin for possessing those gadgets. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’m sure I would do the same thing πŸ™‚

  8. thanks to your post I think about my big box of memories which is in my wardrobe.. πŸ™‚ there are many many people who collect their treasures πŸ™‚ it’s priceless – the little history of our lives closed in box πŸ™‚

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  10. Wow, you sound just like me. I thought there was something wrong with me as I haven’t seen others doing this. I have moved countries a few times over the years so some of my “treasures” have had to be left behind. I just love pulling out old things and having the memories that are stored, along with all the feelings they hold come rushing back to me. Keep the posts coming.

  11. Your thoughts are exactly the same as mine. These are the little things that keeps some memories alive. If I keep an old napkin, per se, I feel like I can still smell the food. It doesn’t bother me when people ask why I keep these things; it’s natural. But it does when people add “it’s such a waste of space”.

  12. That’s nice, especially since your are so organized with your keepsakes. Me? Not so much:) I keep nothing, usually because I lose a lot of my stuff no matter what LOL so, my memories are sketchy at best, lack details and focus however the people that touched my life are always remembered, so I guess that is the most important thing, right?

  13. Wow, great! and here I thought I’m the only one who keep things like this for memories! It’s nice to know that someone like you exist, ahahah, why? Because I do keep every little thing in my life, even receipts (of fast food chains, famous stores I’ve firstly been, restaurant table napkins, even warranties!) yah know, it’s quite amazing to see that I still have my receipt on my girl scout uniform way back in high school! ahahha, it feels great! that’s why i understand this feeling of yours….^_^

  14. I am SO SO like this πŸ˜€ I always hold in my heart that all people and things can walk out of my life but never the memories! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  15. I think saving little trinkets like you described is a great idea especially if the memories you get from looking at them bring you great happiness. Enjoying life is important. Doing it your way is even more important. I only wish that I could be as organized as you. Maybe I can, we will have to see. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Ah, the art of keeping things for sentimental reasons. I admit I keep a few things myself. I have coffee cups from all six of the Chicago Bulls Championships back in the 90s, and I have a little rock that my daughter painted something unrecognizable on and gave to me for Fathers Day when she was about 4-years-old.I collect photographs, old and new, digital and prints, but for the most part, however, I get rid of stuff. I guess the thing to remember is, one person junk is another person”s treasure.

  17. I think it is great that you keep things close. One idea I saw involving this was to take a picture frame and then take airplane tickets, movie and concert stubs, brochures, etc. and collage them inside the glass of the frame and hang the frame on the wall. You can use your memories as decoration and easily view them any time you want. (Am I making any sense? I have a picture example but I don’t think I can do that in comments?)

  18. I love my memories. My childhood was so innocent. πŸ™‚ I however tend to throw away things – I’m not a hoarder – and keep one or two very special things from my nearest and dearest. Great post, Talin!

    “Hi, Talin. If anyone asks you about taking up space in your brain, simply remind them that we use less that 1/10 of our brain capacity, so you have some room for the memories you love.”

    Not really. Urban myth, I’m afraid. Humans use 100% of their brain, all the time *see a MRI scan*. If we didn’t, evolution would have trimmed off what we didn’t use. It’s just that our brains aren’t optimized to handle memories. We’re wired to forget. How would you like remembering hurt, pain, or grudges for the rest of your life?

  19. I have an archivist’s heart. I have always saved sentimental items, too. I have gotten better in recent years about not saving everything — I have actually thrown things away, and been more selective of what I save, saving only tokens of times and eras and people, rather than absolutely every thing that reminded me of that time or place or person. Because I can’t save everything.

    In a mystical way, I feel that these tokens — these souvenirs — anchor me to those moments, those people, in the past. If I maintain a physical connection, it will always pull me back to that memory; I will always in some way touch the past. It’s for the same reason that I love cemeteries and value visiting the graves of loved ones or even great ones in history or faith. It’s very similar to the idea of saintly relics: by holding on to a physical relic (from relictum, something left behind) of someone who lived a holy life, whose spirit is now in Heaven, we have an anchor to that person’s spirit and its holiness and its glory in Heaven.

  20. Hi Talin – what a beautiful way to keep memories – I am trying to find more ways of doing this digitally too as well now. I’m about to do a house move soon and going through the decisions of what to keep – I have a cardboard box full of different things including cards, postcards, letters from friends and relatives and lots of random items too – I’m thinking about scanning them all too – but its not the same as reading a letter which has a little coffee stain or perfume scent – unless I can add these in as well πŸ™‚

  21. As a scrapbooker, I have collected mountains of momentos over the years. When I’m done with a page and still have things left over, I put them in an envelope or a small box to keep for a rainy day. Memories aren’t just in our heads, after all.

  22. Good for you! Those kinds of things are so fun to look back on!
    I’m a bit of a neat freak and have trouble saving stuff that I probably should save…
    A good friend of mine has a planner in which she glues movie stubs, airline tickets, restaurant menus, businesses cards, and writes down funny things people said on the day in the planner that it happened and it’s so much fun to look through!

  23. Thanks for following me, Talin. I have read through some of your blog posts here, and you are a great writer, so clear and expressive. So great to meet another wonderful member of the blogging community! Cheers. Amber

  24. Just recently I took my Christmas cards from last year, particularly the pictures and placed them in my family scrapbook. I liked the prose on one card- from my father, that said “Memories are like ornaments that we treasure through the years”. I clipped it and placed it in the album in some of the leftover white space. Sometimes a small bit or scrap or something, or smell, can trigger memories we otherwise would forget. Thanks for sharing, thanks for following me! http://communityhealthadvance.wordpress.com/

  25. I keep boxes and boxes of “memories” in my basement. Sometimes, I go down there and think…I should really clear this stuff out, but what ends up happening is that I spend an entire day…in the end, they all get packed up neatly in the little spot where they belong.

  26. hahaha ! I totally recognize myself! I am also very sentimental with my belongings. I keep boxes, papers, napkins, letters, postcards, plastic bags with logos on it. The only thing that makes me get rid of them is the thought of giving or sending things to my relattives in Madagascar who would need them, like old clothes or books or anything useful…I think itΒ΄s a very charming habit, keep keeping …!

  27. I have a box of special memories and have one put aside for each of my children with their momentos in. Photos have a certain smile but to actually touch something that was there and living it with you, is very special indeed.

  28. I’m a keeper too – although not in your league πŸ™‚ – my mother was the consummate keeper of ephemera. She tossed a lot in her final years without consulting me which i regret ]
    Thanks to her i still have the first christmas card that anyone sent me – i was about a week old – and the paper nativity set that she bought for the equivalent of 12c in 1950.

  29. Good for you. I keep things but not with any organization, so now I do throw out more. But the old things do jog the memory and that is lovely. K.

  30. Hi, thanks for following my blog! I appreciate it…I have looked through your blog and I definitely love your optimism and your philosophy on life. Also, I live in Montreal, so I understand your love of it–it’s a great place to be!

    Keep on writing and keep up the good work!

  31. I see you visited my site. Thank you for doing that. I, too, am very sentimental towards all things having to do with family. Much like you, I, too, am a pack rat. I still have my intact ticket to Woodstock. The fence was down when I finally got there and thus no one to punch it. I have a mini ball I picked up at Manassas from the Civil War in 1959. None of these in itself is material, but they evoke strong memories of my youth. In that regard, they are invaluable keepsakes as I am sure the ones you have are as well. Save and treasure them.
    While I include humor in my blogs, I do it to raise the hopes of the Veterans I help. HCV is very depressing for many reasons, the least of which is the financial implications. Keep up your good work. You are an accomplished writer-something rare nowadays with the rush towards tweets, facebooks and other media that compete for one’s attention.

  32. Im just the same :)) I love keeping all my travel stuff and birthday cards, stuff like that. I realised through other comments here that there are many people like us so yay! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is entertaining πŸ™‚

  33. It’s great you are so organized! I used to keep many of the things you mentioned (yes, napkins can be sentimental), but didn’t have a good place for them other then “the pile that must be sorted,” so out they went. πŸ™‚

  34. I can relate to this sentimentality somewhat because I like to retain items such as tickets, little trinkets, and pictures and arrange them in a scrapbook so as to tell a story. I am most forgetful, so doing this helps me remember those good times.

  35. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping souvenirs of your travels/memories. I do think it’s interesting that others concern themselves with why you keep that stuff. Unless you’re a candiate for an episode of Hoarders I don’t think it matters πŸ˜‰

    I’m not that sentimental. I kept our wedding pictures and a digital library of photos and that’s about it. Oh, and the kids’ artwork. I scan much of it and keep a select few of the originals. I don’t have the space to keep it all!

  36. I totally agree that it is great to keep all the sentimental stuff. I have such items as: the label from the first legal drink I had on my 21st birthday, the party hat I was wearing the night I met my boyfriend (it was New Year’s Eve), brochures from vacation spots, etc. I keep them all neatly boxed up and stored, and only look at them every couple years, but it’s great to do that– like looking at a time capsule. ❀

  37. We should write a book called “me too” as a collection from everyone who relates to being raised to believe you aren’t special – but then you go and have a life that proves you are. πŸ™‚ Talin…me too. Here I am at 62 and still have most everything that has been given to me or that I’ve collected. Treasures in my heart that probaby some people would have thrown away. You see, if you are not loved by a lot of people during your core and beginning years – then objects and momentos become gifts too. Nothing should be discarded if it has positive energy. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  38. I believe in sharing legacies and in our world, people cherish what can be seen. Someday, you will have people that are thankful for all that remains from a past that they never knew, but you stored in a safe and organized way.

  39. I am a saver as well. And Very sentimental. I still ahve letter from my fist borfriend, all of my trips and anything big, or fun. I keep a handwritten journal to keep log of all of my special memories and life in general. I lvoe the idea of my kids or grandchildren even, going through my old letters, journals and notes getting to know me…all the parts they never knew…

  40. Wow! I am still trying to wrap my mind around that. However, I believe it is a wonderful thing because those memories are representative of your life and life, along with its experiences, are not to be taken for granted. Great post!

  41. I value and treasure memories and I find that pictures, and special items will take me straight back to the place and memory of time, travel, and people … and I trust you have a few special pieces from your recent trip to Cuba. Blessings, God is Good

  42. I keep all of the ticket stubs from sporting events that I have attended. It is a mini look into my past and what I was doing on a specific day. I can not keep as many of the things that you do, I do not know where I would put it all.

    I look forward to more of your posts!

  43. I kept a lot of things over the years that I thought were special to me, but one day when cleaning, I realized that some of those things were not. They had lost their meaning(s) or I questioned why I’d kept them in the first place.

    It’s not only mementos that are kept, but experiences; and just like those things that were tossed, some of those experiences have to be let go too.

    One of my stories dealt with memories.


  44. I love keeping a time capsule of memories. Memories that you can touch and feel lets your heart go back to that exact feeling you had when you boarded that flight, received a card/letter, or whatever it might be. Though, I think taking a picture of it and writing about why it is special is probably the easier way to keep that memory alive. However, a shadow box with a picture of Grandma in her kitchen baking your favorite goodies, with the recipe in her hand writing and her favorite apron is something that a memory alone could never replace.

    Also, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. It is much appreciated.

    Sweet Mercy…Enjoy Life!

    Auntie RV

  45. I wish I was like you and good in keeping token of memories but I am the total opposite! I can’t even keep pictures. When I go through some old pictures,i admit they make me smile and refreshes old memories but more than that it hurts! It hurts to think that that moment is all gone and is part of the past.

  46. Talin, Yes, our memories are sometimes what keep us warm. I am an animal lover, and almost all of the art throughout my house is of animals, and of these, so many pieces were given to me by others over the years. I cherish them all, and always remember the person that gave me these treasures. Keep writing ….

  47. Hi Talin,

    We don’t save tickets and things, but we save our memories a different way. We write a diary on every holiday we; I write a rough draft at the time, in an exercise book, or on the lap top; Julie types it into a word processor when we get home, adding her own memories; I add photos, and then print it out, and it goes into the holiday files. We haven’t always done this – I think we started in the 1990s.

    I couldn’t save memories your way – I tried it once, but I’m not organised enough, and everything became a mess – LoL.

    Thanks for following my blog. Your blog is so nice.

    Have fun, Andy

  48. I have replaced collecting things with collecting photographs – I would be devastated if I lost my photos. I have some bits and pieces that still hang around, but my Dad was a hoarder so somehow it turned me off the idea of having lots of things – I now live very simplistically… But with LOTS of photos for my nostalgia! πŸ™‚

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  51. OMG i’m exactly like you, but not to the extent of keeping sweet wrappers… but still i’ll ALWAYS keep movie tickets, birthday cards, and other small little stuffs. Sometimes it always upsets me that i’m the only one having that habit among the people i’ve met. I also have a tendency to put up nice memorable pictures on my wall or as a slideshow wallpaper on my laptop or hp πŸ™‚

  52. Call me sentimental but I am who I am. I am now 71 years old. We own a home in Chicago and Florida where I have these items displayed. I have saved memories of my family dating back to my β€˜Great-Grandparents’. There are stories behind many of these items which my dear grandma shared with me. To me, these items are a way of saving generational history. Example: Snuff box and fountain pen of my Great- grandfather, Silver baby cups, infant feeding spoons, as well as place settings, crystal candy dishes, antique crystal table light sconces, an unique table clock that was a wedding gift to my grandmother, my childhood egg cup, the family generational Christening dress, and on and on. I treasure these possessions as the carry a visual generational history of my family. MUCH better than photographs of these items.


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