Mcdonalds Coffee VS. Tim Horton’s Coffee – My Opinion

In the past few months, I have got more of a liking with Mcdonalds coffee and specialty coffees more than the Tim Horton’s brand itself. I find the quality and taste to be a little off each time I go to Tim Hortons and a lot of the times they get my order wrong and they sometimes put little or no sugar and the cream sometimes is not enough or there is too much of it, the coffee roast seems to have been burnt, or the taste is a little off, Whereas I go to Mcdonalds and each time I do order they know the exact amount to put for me and each time is always perfectly done to my standards. I also think Mcdonalds is more smarter in terms of the sizes of the cups, the specials they come up with, the coupons that are mailed out to all the homes. Here is my evaluation of the comparison between Mcdonalds and Tim Horton’s and my opinions on both:


Mcdonalds offers great deals, and sometimes they give free coffees on promotions, They send coupons to my home and every other home, the cup sizes are so awesome, the caps are properly designed to fully enjoy that cup of java, the workers at Mcdonalds give me just the right amount of cream and sugar, no more and no less, they always get my order right and they make sure its perfect all the time and they give free refills on the coffees only. I have never had to send my coffee or specialy coffees back to be modified and redone again. I have become such a huge fan of the way Mcdonalds has changed their menus all around and its so great to have these coffees there too. Its a great marketing and business strategy. A lot of my friends and family enjoy Mcdonalds now too more than Tim Horton’s itself. I will be going to Mcdonalds more often for my java fix.

Tim Horton’s

I feel that Tim Horton’s needs to improve on many things, and the way coffee’s and specialty coffees are served. When I go most of the time I always have to re-assure them to make my coffee the right amount and put cream and sugar as I want and they don’t do it and sometimes they do put them, but they don’t mix it and when I get to the bottom of the coffee, the sugar stays down there and it is ever so sweet. The cup sizes and the caps need to be improved, instead of using two cups to not burn the person who is holding the cup, they need to come up with better cups. Also a refill wouldn’t hurt of the coffee. I sometimes go and my coffee is either burnt, or its not as fresh. The only things I do like at Tim Hortons are the soups, the light cream cheese bagel and the orange juices. I do not mean to offend the workers at Tim Hortons, the franchise itself and the way they run business, but this is just an opinion of a customer who has been through terrible experiences and I am not really stepping foot in there anymore unless I go with friends or something but by myself no.

Now on my way to Montreal, all the service centres are now with Tim Hortons. Before on a few of the Service centres, there was a Mcdonalds just before Trenton, Ontario on exit 519 on the highway stop and I wish they still had Mcdonalds along the way, but now I have to get into the city to find one. There is a couple that I know of, there is one in Belleville, Ontario On the 401 exit 543, and as well as exit 617 Division st in Kingston, Ontario. in Future trips to Montreal, I think Mcdonalds will be my stop. Tim Hortons has to improve before I go back there again.


55 thoughts on “Mcdonalds Coffee VS. Tim Horton’s Coffee – My Opinion

  1. Sounds like Tim hortons is much like Starbucks here. You pay$6 for a large cup of hellfire roasted beans in a cup with a made up size name and an inconsiderate teenager that is more worried about tweeting his inner angst than leaving you room to put in cream and sugar! Lol

  2. This is so great to have you do a comparison, I’ve been meaning to try McDonald’s but never got the chance… now I’ll be sure to stop by! I wonder what their lattes are like as well?

  3. we don’t have Tim Horton in Aus, and only a handful of Starbucks which I have not been too. So my thoughts are only generated towards Macca’s. Here in Aus, we have what they call McCafe. Your get everything like you would in a normal cafe/coffee shop and I must say, I do enjoy their coffee. Whenever we have dinner or on a road trip and need something, I always get their coffee. they are consistant and that is the key, (aswell as polite, and friendly, never too busy with their ‘inner angst’ (love that btw)).

  4. Tim Hortons is the equivalent to Dunkin Donuts, but I have to agree Tim’s coffee is less than stellar! A few people have told me they like McDonald’s coffee. As for the specialty coffees I am impressed that they actually use real whipped cream since Tim’s uses that horrible fake edible oil crap! Great post BTW!

  5. The only Tim Horton’s I’ve been to was in Buffalo, NY and i was not impressed by the coffee at that one.

    Mickey Dee’s I think is using the coffee as a loss leader to get you to stop, and it’s working. They definitely do have a good cuppa joe , and a reliable wifi connection. The rest of the menu I leave alone

  6. McDonald’s coffee? Wow, actually sounds good after reading your blog, ma’am.
    I’m gonna be honest with you: I don’t drink a lot of coffee, and when I do, I go to a 7eleven to by a fresh pot for only $1.3 ($15.00 mxn). Here at Mexico we don’t have those cool promotions from McDonald’s (coupons) and it’s very expensive over here to buy some… wait.. come to think about it… here at Mexico we don’t have any McDonald’s coffee… in fact… we don’t even have Tim Horton… now I’m just wondering why did I posted here hahaha.
    Cool blog ma’am!

  7. Canadian Blasphemy! We just got a Timmy Hos here in Ithaca and I love it. I confess that absence may have made my heart grow fonder as I was without a daily Timmy fix for 6 years, but I am shocked and saddened by this blog post. Get your act together Canadian Timmys.

  8. I don’t know if we have Tom Horton here in Texas but I happen to like McDonalds coffee as well but to be perfectly honest I’m curious about Tom Horton coffee. I can’t stand old coffee so I understand what you are saying and you raise very good points. Great post.

  9. McD’s coffee in the states I’ve found be awful!! But I love it up here in Canada.
    I agree with the points about Tims. They’re always burnt, have grounds in them or taste “off”.
    Plus, with McD’s you get free refills… Hands down better taste-wise, price-wise and value-wise 🙂

  10. I prefer McDonald’s coffee over Starbucks. It’s always very, very hot, which is important to me, and it’s consistantly good. Their lattes and iced coffees are excellent! I’ve beeen dissapointed at Starbucks so many times I decided that it’s not worth it to keep paying their high prices.

  11. I just have to say I do not approve of MacDonald’s. Here in England they are noisy messy. places full of uncontrolled children ( old and young) I fear the burgers and chips and such are a recipe for an over weight nation . And I find some of their practices not all they could be. I prefer Costa Coffee and Starbucks. That said you have written an exceptional post!

  12. I write from a part of the world (India) where the vast majority cannot even afford to think of entering a McDonald eatery. And I haven’t even heard of Tim Horton! Well, I, along with my wife, have visited McDonald a number of times more out of necessity than affordability. McDonalds provides more hygienic food compared to other eateries in the vicinity. In the long run, that hygiene is more rewarding than the cheaper alternatives available.

  13. I definitely have to agree with you on the assessment of the Tim Horton’s specialty coffees, because they are awful. I’d rather pay $5 at Starbucks, and I am definitely NOT a Starbucks person. I just get my regular coffee black, so there’s usually no mix-up with that. I think I have an unnatural prejudice towards McD’s…..but I have had some of their speciality coffees when I’ve gotten a coupon and they are good. And coupons are always nice, I RARELY see T.H. coupons. Nice post.

  14. great post, I hate Starbucks and love gevalia and McDonalds here as well. I love during the summer there frozen coffee drinks as well.

  15. This is actually a great post! I for one don’t like coffee, I know that’s a shocker! But this debate between coffees sounds much like the Starbucks vs. fast food here. My family actually forgoes the Starbucks (not all the time but most of the time) to go to a little hole in the wall coffee shop that sells their own beans for very inexpensive price. It’s in Nashville, Indiana…..called The Daily Grind. They have so many different flavors and great yummy smells, we go there at least twice a year and stock up each time! You can even get them shipped to your house!

  16. I’ve always been a big McDonald’s coffee fan. I drank Tim Horton’s coffee once, and it was good, but I live much closer to McDonald’s which is just as good to me.

  17. Love your post! I, too like Mcdonald way better when it comes to coffee
    Their service is better, the cups are better and when you order double double – no matter which Mcdonald is it, it tastes just the same. While Tim needs a lot of imporvement, espeically of the customer service part. Also since the competition is increasing they should give us more varities, promotions and coupens

  18. Coffee is pretty much my lifeline, and I’ve become much pickier since I started really drinking it over soda. Most restaurants, and even coffee places just don’t get it quite right: sure, it’s drinkable, but it’s not nearly as exquisitely crafted to my tastes as my own brew is.

  19. Sounds like the conundrum that I have with Starbucks and a book store named Hastings. At Hastings you pay $1.50 less and the product is much better. Better flavor, better consistancy, and better service.

  20. I have never heard of Tom Horton’s before this post, I haven’t seen any in New Jersey. However, if I ever see one I’ll try their coffee and McDonald’s coffee to see which one is better and see if I agree with your opinion.

  21. Talinofali,

    I love Starbucks Coffee. Someone compared Tim Horton’s too Dunkin Donuts. I hate Dunkin Donuts. Especially since they mix the sugar and cream for you. Once I caught the girl drop the cap on the filthy floor, attempted to put it on my cup.

    She looked at me than threw the cap on the counter. I’m sure she gave it to someone else. Yulk.

    I’m not a fan of McDee’s coffee, but in a crunch I’ll drink it. Haven’t tried the flavor coffee’s yet. I only drink 50/50.

    I was thinking of selling my own roasted coffee or buying it from someone else and branding it myself. Fresh Roasted coffee taste so much better.

  22. A few years back, Consumer Reports brought together some “professional tasters” and had them do an evaluation of the four leading coffee sellers in the US – McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks. I remember because they picked McDonalds, which is crazy because of how much cheaper it is. I like it too, but knowing them, its probably just filthy water with addictive chemicals in it. 😛

    Here’s the story:

  23. I like the McDonalds’ cup and cover better than the other brands because if it is on tight, it won’t leak. I would prefer to drink the hearty Starbucks’ coffee, but I absolutely hate their coffee cup and cover. Whenever I can, I use my reusable coffee thermos, but in a pinch, McDonalds’ is cheap and the cup is well designed.

    Thanks for following my blog. I hope you will enjoy it!

  24. I am not familiar with Tim Horton. McDonald’s coffee is great for the price. Starbucks is overrated and overpriced. I would like to get my hands on a bottle of their gingerbread syrup though. I just bought some paper cups with lids and put my Keurig to use when I can plan ahead.

  25. Never been to a Tim Horton’s, but I’ve tried the revamped McD’s coffee. They talked it up too much not to try some, right? Not fond of the taste at all. Seems like the cheap stuff to me. I get my coffee fix at home. A.L. has the right idea. Put a Keurig or other coffee maker to good use.

  26. I’m liking McDonald’s more than Tim Horton’s, too. We find the line-ups at Tim’s way too much to handle. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go there it’s always busy — and they can’t seem to handle the crowds. McDonald’s knows how to move the people through — sort of like Disneyland.
    I really enjoyed this.

  27. I prefer McDonald’s these days as well, and I never thought I’d be saying that. They’ve made a tremendous effort to revamp their image and product, while Timmy’s has become stale and complacent. Finally some real competition! Maybe now Tim Horton’s will stop raising their prices, or drop them back down to where they should be again.

  28. I always had the famous Ice Cap from Tim Hortons…..untill i discoverd the Ice moka at Mc Donalds…taste really good & less calories. I also notice at McDonald that they dont say welcome to McDonald may i take your order…they say Welcome to McCafe ..there coffees & service is excellent. Great post Talin !!!

  29. I’m not familar with Tim Horton’s, but I was also was very pleased – and suprised – with McDonald’s coffee. Very flavorful.

    (Although, now I’m curious as to how Tim would stack up against Starbucks.)

  30. Yes, but the Tim Horton’s has DONUTS!!!!

    I find it interesting that Canadians seem to find McDonald’s coffee better than the Americans. While it has improved over the past couple of years (in the opinion of a die-hard espresso/Americano drinker), I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. – Tim

  31. If Timmy’s would just let you control the cream and sugar I would buy it more often. For some reason “just a splash” does not translate across the counter. I always end up with cream, lukewarm coffee. Grr.

  32. i had never heard of tim horton’s so i can’t judge their coffee, but i must say that the McD’s brew is dang good! i stop there at least 3x a week and find it consistently excellent no matter the location. good price too, compared to Dunkin and Starbucks, the two big competitors here in Vero Beach.
    thank you Talin for checking out my blog! I’m brand new to the whole blogging scene and am so happy when people find me! Not too much fun, just talking to myself! 😉 Have a good rest of the weekend!

  33. My goodness, who knew folks had such love for McDonald’s coffee? Clearly, I’ll have to try it next time we get some of those coupons at our house.

    I was excited to read about Tim Horton’s, because they are always drinking that coffee (and eating those donuts) in the Louise Penney mystery novels I love (they are Canadian, just like Tim Horton’s). Too bad they didn’t get a better review!

  34. I enjoyed this blog re: yur coffee preferences and thought it was pretty ingenious concept of a blog. I too am a coffe connoisseur and know what it means to have your coffee made… the RIGHT way. Coffee prepared with the care of being fresh, with full taste not burnt, and with the right amount of cream and sugar goes a long way, making all the difference in your day. If its not, it’s like f@*%#’g wit you on purpose!
    McDonalds coffee is good in falls in my top 3 main-stream, fast-food retailers who sell coffees. I’ve never been to Canada, or tried Tim Horton’s brand… But here in Atlanta GA, I fall thru the M’cD’s at Broad & Forsythe behind 5 points MARTA and the coffee is good, has a full taste not burnt, and the crew there is liberal with cream and sugars (Splenda, Equal,S&W). So until you opt to visit Atlanta, C you at your next cup! -ZAK

  35. ZAK says:
    December 19, 2011 at 1:29 am
    I enjoyed this blog re: yur coffee preferences and thought it was pretty ingenious concept of a blog. I too am a coffe connoisseur and know what it means to have your coffee made… the RIGHT way. Coffee prepared with the care of being fresh, with full taste not burnt, and with the right amount of cream and sugar goes a long way, making all the difference in your day. If its not, it’s like f@*%#’g wit you on purpose!
    McDonalds coffee is good in falls in my top 3 main-stream, fast-food retailers who sell coffees. I’ve never been to Canada, or tried Tim Horton’s brand… But here in Atlanta GA, I fall thru the M’cD’s at Broad & Forsythe behind 5 points MARTA and the coffee is good, has a full taste not burnt, and the crew there is liberal with cream and sugars (Splenda, Equal,S&W). So until you opt to visit Atlanta, C you at your next cup! -ZAK

  36. I really enjoy your blog & the fact I live in Ontario and can relate to the places in your stories 🙂

    Also, I order the same coffee everyday from Tim hortons and it’s always different! A Large with 3 milks not complicated at all. I agree with the things you pointed out about ways Tina could improve. I’ve had mcdonalds coffee twice and i have to say, I was impresses.

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