The Ontario Provincial Police – Police Provinciale De L’Ontario – R.I.D.E Programs Is a Great Idea.

Ontario Provincial Police – Police provinciale de l’Ontario

Because we are getting into Winter driving and Christmas and New Year Holidays are coming up, I’d like to stay on the subject of Practicing safe driving and arriving alive at your destination from Point A TO B

Dear OPP,

 I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the services you provide on the 400 series highways. I always see OPP Presence on my way from Toronto to Montreal on Highway 401 east and west several times per month when I go visit my friends and family there. I must say great job to the hard working officers of OPP for making our roads safe and stopping reckless speeders and those who do not follow the rules of the road and the laws. I always see OPP radaring, and I really love the spots you choose to hide. I would really like to see everybody follow the rules and i wish all drivers can be more aware of what they do and the actions they take. People should be more aware, alert on their driving and develop good driving habits that can save lives and prevent serious personal injury. Thanks again OPP for everything you do. I will be traveling to Montreal soon I hope. I have missed it so much. It always feels like I am going on it for the first time and the excitement to drive on my favourite highways in unlike any other. I really like the R.I.D.E Programs because It is important to check drinking drivers and to prevent serious issues after. If caught it is a crime and it will stay on your driving record. Practice safety on the road. It is very important.

Now that Winter is coming up and with snow just around the corner. This may not apply to a lot of my readers, but to those who it might, be safe, make sure you have windshield washing fluid, the snow brushes and scrapers in your car, Booster Cable, Warm Blanket, Water, Snacks, Make sure you have the right tires for winter for traction control and stability on the icy slippery roads. You never know when you might drive on black ice and that is the worst. Have a vehicle emergency kit handy, make sure your oil and coolant levels are normal and checked regularly, make sure your tires are properly checked for pressure and meets the guidelines in your Owners Manual of how much PSI AIR needed to fill your tires. BE ALERT, ARRIVE ALIVE, DRIVE SOBER, Make sure your Vehicle is also safe. You do wonders with that.

An Avid Highway 401 USER AND DRIVER,


20 thoughts on “The Ontario Provincial Police – Police Provinciale De L’Ontario – R.I.D.E Programs Is a Great Idea.


  2. Simple and very practical reminder all drivers must heed. Very kind to give praises to the police who for most of times forgotten of their job well done. Thank you Talin and advance happy holidays 🙂

  3. This is great advice for anyone. Let’s put that holiday cheer to good use, along with a little extra patience with those who are not! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I love your “About” page, I agree that writing can do wonders…..for both the writer and the readers. 🙂

  4. Wow, I am sitting here reading this with the doors thrown open and fans running, wearing a tshirt and shorts to work today. It amazes me to think about our neighbors to the north already getting ‘wintry’ weather.

  5. I really like this article. I don’t live in a snowy city, I live in New Orleans but it’s definitely vicious from what I hear from my snowy area friends that live in places with serious winter conditions. I personally wouldn’t even drive much if I didn’t have to bc that ice is just so unpredictable. I give props to ppl who do it often. I gotta say, I like to speed myself, alot of younger folk and drivers and general do but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to even try being wreckless in snowy/icey conditions. Good, short read with good intentions. Cool ish

    Buckle up too! Always a necessary reminder

  6. Hello, Thanks for the on ‘Precious Memory”..’like’ Many times I have found myself at odds with local law enforcement as an activist. Nontheless, here in Calif. I have found the Highway Patrol to be very effective. Snow can be scary. I guess the first thing is stay aware and do not become frightened. One time I decided, to save time, though it said ‘Snow above 7000 ft., to go W. from 395 to Tahoe..(Reno and State Line) about 5000 ft. my rear snow tires on the ’57 Buick I was driving did not do the job. Thanks to some careful savvy drivers and quick thinking..we stopped..pushed the sliding car around..facing down the hill..put on the flashers..and went down..very slowly :-) friend was driving going up..he started saying oh s___..I started laughing..and could not stop..finally we resolved the issut in the way told..Peace Tony

  7. It is so great to see others singing praises to Law Enforcement; and to see this from somebody living in our beautiful neighbor country Canada is even more awesome! It is always good to see someone reminding others of safe driving and proper auto care. Unfortunately so many here in the U.S think that driving is a right instead of the “Privilege” that it actually is. Those in my area especially just don’t seem to care about anyone else on the road and feel that it is everybody elses responsibility to look out for them. The “bubba’s” around here think that just because they have 4 wheel drive they can drive on ice – holy cow! Anyway, great post and I truly hope folks sit up and pay attention 🙂

  8. I do hope everyone will read your awareness post and adhere for safe driving and an enjoyable Christmas.

    Sadly, the role of traffic officers and meds is often one of informing family/relatives of the demise of a loved one.

    Let’s be safe out there.

  9. Hi.
    Thanks for the like.
    Driving doesn’t get as adventurous where I live in most cases, with minor exceptions. Reading about the safety and survival kits you can get always makes me feel like a boy in a candy store somehow. It’s as charming as reading about tornadoes, as long as you don’t get caught in/by one. But I should probably consider myself lucky for not needing too much of that.
    Grtz, Emile

  10. I am ambivalent about RIDE. There should be year long vigilance about impaired driving but I think the actual RIDE program comes too close to stopping people without probable cause. Just my two cents. That’s my problem with the OPP, they have high publicity blitzes but I hardly ever see one on Hwy 410 in Brampton, which is a dangerous highway driven by psychos. Even hardened professional truckers who I deal with say the same thing.

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