I Love The Highway 401 East in Ontario, Canada.

I know in the back of your head you are wondering why I have such a love of a highway? Especially the highway 401. and the Direction is EAST of Course.

Well, let me uncover the information on the story behind it all.

When I was as little as 5 years old, My Family and I took a road trip to Montreal, Quebec. I was so excited for it. One of the very first things that caught my eye was “The Big Apple”. I saw this huge red dome like structure that really excite me, so I begged my father to stop so we can go visit it. So he did and we went to the big apple for a while and then my dad said we have to get back on the road because there was almost 3 and half hours more driving to do. I said ok, so as I was looking outside, I said wow there is no end to this. I was very excited. So after returning from Montreal, I said I want to go again, so not so long after we went back to Montreal to visit family. I was ever so excited again.

So As we had a cottage in Tweed, Ontario just about 30 minutes north from the City Of Belleville, I always looked forward to it and I couldn’t wait until I could drive. When I turned 16 years old, I had just gotten my drivers licence, and so I was legal to drive. So my brother was able to drive at the time, so he stopped on Highway 37 which was the highway that took us to Tweed, so I got to drive all the way to the cottage. It was so exciting, but I wasnt happy because I could not drive on the 401 still, so I hurried up and When I got my other Licence to drive, I was the one to always drive on the Highway 401 and I wouldnt let anyone else drive.

I remember driving to Montreal back by myself for the first time 5 years and a bit ago, and it was the best time of my life, Just the road, myself and my car with my favourite music on, and I did that many times after. I loved stopping at the service centres while taking a break and watching the cars and big rigs flying by ever so fast and hearing the noises was and is just awesome. I went as close as I could to the highway so as I can see it all. I have also driven to Kingston, Ontario by myself and I have also done so much Highway 401 driving, that I got to know the road really well and I almost know every exit number and description by heart. When the Quebec border was coming up also known as Autoroute 20 which is the continuation of Highway 401, I would always make my symbol everytime I entered into Quebec at that point. I would give the “I love you” sign and bring my hand to my heart.

So I kind of grew up with the Highway 401 and I will never forget the great times I have had on there and will continue to have. To me it is not just a road to drive on. It is a lot more to me. I love the Highway 401 and I will always have a place for it in my heart. If you ever need directions on the Highway 401 and the exits, just let me know. I will be there to help you 🙂

44 thoughts on “I Love The Highway 401 East in Ontario, Canada.

  1. Isn’t it funny how inanimate objects – like roads – can have a place in our hearts? One of the only times I drove on the 401 there was a really bad accident, and I was on it for hours, not moving! I almost missed my flight home! After that, I was kind of scared to drive on it 🙂

  2. I’m your expert going westbound. As for east, I like exit 617 (I think). Division St Kingston. Just a Tim Hortons McDonalds and there 25 yrs ago. Halfway point to Montreal.

  3. Funny… glad I am not the only one in love with a highway or two.
    412 in Missouri is beautiful. 2 lanes, curves, big hills (or small mountains), farms all over the place.
    One in New Hampshire/Vermont too, but can’t remember the number.

  4. Being alone on the road (other than the normal day to day routes) is one of my most favorite things! Thanks for sharing, I don’t feel so strange anymore…lol

  5. I’m unable to drive for medical reasons, and so my husband has to drive me everywhere. However, I am sometimes well enough to make the journey from Essex to Gloucestershire alone by coach, which I really enjoy. There’s a bar at Victoria Coach Station where I sit and chat to other customers while I wait for my connection (I was once lucky enough to be approached by a very pleasant old gent who turned out to be a WWII veteran – and he was absolutely fascinating), and as you pull out of Victoria you are greeted to the sight of both Big Ben and The Gherkin. Seeing The Gherkin always gives me a lovely warm glow inside because it means that I am either halfway to my son or halfway home to my husband.

    I love your story; it sums up my feelings about The Gherkin pretty well. It always amazes me just how sentimental certain landmarks can become!

  6. When I left the UK people asked me what I most missed, apart from the obvious (family and friends) I was never quite sure until I first returned. Then I realised it was the green rolling countryside of the region of my birth and in particular a country road which meanders between the landscape en route to my mother’s. The road bathes in the green pastures and ancient buildings, trees and hedgrows which have defined the history of the country and who I am.

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

  7. I can’t stand the M25 either. Even when there’s no traffic jam or accidents it is *the* most boring stretch of tarmac in the known universe!

  8. It’s so cool that you have this love of a highway! I do too, and mine is 1-80 from Boston to Limon, Colorado, about 70 miles east of Denver. I’ve only done this drive five or six times in my life, but I love it, and know it very well. Nothing like driving all night, when everyone else is asleep, to let you get to know a road. What a great connection!

  9. I loved the imagery in your writing, which captured your journey from a toddler through the years. There was only one mention of him; but I imagine that your father had much to do with your love of the highway. There are few things that are comparable to a wholesome relationship between a father and a daughter.

  10. Thank you for the follow and the likes on my blog.

    I live in Scarborough and the 401 East trip to Ottawa is my favourite. It’s just a much less stressful drive compared to the West!

  11. This more then anything else makes me really want to get driving myself. Its a real pleasure to read good things about driving instead of the constant moans about traffic, traffic signals and bad drivers.

  12. I can so understand where you’re coming from here! I visited Ontario recently and we did a heck of a lot of driving (including, I’m sure the road you mentioned!) over to Montreal as well!
    The roads in Canada just have this amazing feel to them… perhaps it’s the amazing surroundings you have over there. I dunno.
    One of the things I love the most about Canada: the Canadians! You guys ROCK. My man and I would like to move there, we love it so much!

  13. I love this story! I grew up in SW Ontario in a small town called Tilbury.The 401 went right through our town. We had two service centres located on the 401 just outside of town. Many people worked there, including me. I was a waitress all through my school and college years. I loved that job, I met so many travellers form all over the place including lots of Americans because we were only 36 miles from the border. Your story reminded me of those days and it also reminded me of all the citizens of the US. I have been following the “Occupy Our Homes” movement http://occupyourhomes.org/
    and my heart goes out to many citizens of the US. I only pray we won’t have to deal with that issue in this great country.
    Sorry to deviate from the topic that that is where my writing took me.
    Cheers, Jackie

  14. I grew up in Chatham, so the trip to Toronto was always a great big ball of fun. Now, I drive from Toronto to Chatham when visiting home and often alone. A trip down the 401 is always a treat!

  15. I’m impressed, I have to say. Very seldom do I see a blog thats both educational and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your blog is important; the matter is something that not a lot of people are talking intelligently about. I’m really happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to it.

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