My First Time On An Airplane to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico At 9 Years Old

Lately, I have been thinking about all the traveling I have done in my life and one of the travels that clinged to me was my first ever flight to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my family. I remember when I went on Royal Airlines and that Airline is no longer of service for quite sometime now. I have had interesting and incredible trips. At 9 years old I really could not understand a lot about Mexico and I just went there to have fun and as a kid, I would get all the free stuff because the hotel staff gave me gifts to take home, so I was really excited at the time. Now we went on this ferry boat to take us to an Island I am not sure how to spell it but we went to HULAPA or something like that and it took over 2-3 hours to sail there. Now I did something that I should not have done. I fell asleep in the hot sun on deck of the ferry boat for I think a good hour or more, and I slept on my stomach, so I woke up and my back and my legs were bright red like a tomato and I didn’t really think much of it until later that night after returning from the island.

So as soon as night time hit, my legs started to burn so much and I couldn’t bare the pain anymore, so My mother went and asked the waiter for some yogurt or cold milk to put on the burn, so I did that, but it was so red that it really hurt. So the remainder of the trip I was walking stiff and it ruined my vacation and i was afraid to bend my knees. It was so funny now that I think about it. It was quite an interesting trip for me as my first trip on a plane. It was a very fun trip, but now due to all the problems going on in Mexico with Canadian tourists, I don’t think Mexico will be on my travel list. It is awesome how traveling and the experiences you get out of them make you learn things and I learned to put SunScreen before sleeping in the sun and then prevent the burning later.  All in all I had a blast and I couldn’t stop talking about my trip to my teachers at school after returning and to my other family members.

I must say, I love to travel on airplanes and I love the adrenaline when the pilot of the plane accelerates and the plane goes super fast to prepare for take off. I love that part so much. I fell in love with Air travel because of that. Its so interesting. Since then I can’t even begin to count how many times I have been on a plane and several airline companies. To those traveling. I wish you a safe, enjoyable, happy flight.

30 thoughts on “My First Time On An Airplane to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico At 9 Years Old

  1. My first time on an airplane was a year after I got married, and Then Husband and I went to Europe. I loved that first flight. And funny, on Mykonos, Then Husband got sun poisoning from sleeping on the beach without sunscreen. His knees swelled up and he was bedridden the entire time we were there. Sunscreen is mandatory! Now I don’t even go out in the sun.

  2. I love to travel but I don’t like the take off, I am delighted when we land!
    How long have you been blogging for? I see that you have a lot of followers. I am new the blogging world and starting to figure it out. Any tips?

  3. I really enjoy flights.. but still the first time was a scary experience.. i remember we got into one of those turbulent zones in the air, and i was almost convinced that those were the last few moments of my life… Good post…

  4. “It is awesome how traveling and the experiences you get out of them make you learn things and I learned to put SunScreen before sleeping in the sun and then prevent the burning later.” I like travel for the same reason! And sadly, I’ve also been burnt many times. Think I’m still learning that lesson.

  5. Great post! Flying all the time, as a career, tends to make us take things for granted. As I read about your experience, I was reminded of my own, ‘first time,’ and it was refreshing.
    Thanks for reminding me of the excitement, that people still experience. I try to keep this in mind, when I deal with my customers!
    Take care, and keep blogging!

  6. Hi Tallin, Thanks for coming by my blog and liking my post. I too have had that sort of sunburn, it hurts SOOOooo bad. Thankfully, I too have learned my lesson. I fly a couple of times a year and as Granny1947 said, not liking it so much anymore. But, thankful I can fly home to Scotland to help care for my ailing mother.

  7. Interesting. I fly quite infrequently, partly for environmental reasons and partly because I’m UK-based and the distances are much smaller!

    The part of a flight I enjoy is if I can see the scenery. For example, I’ve seen six great rivers from the air – Nile, Rhine, Thames, Danube, Mississippi, Vistula – and two of those, the Rhine and the Nile, only from the air. I’ve never been to Canada, but on a Paris to Atlanta flight, taking a northern route, I looked out of a window to see vast, unchanging expanses of fir trees without any sign of roads or buildings, and then the shores of a body of water; just water for a while and then forest again. We’d just crossed Hudson’s Bay.

    I wouldn’t get an adrenaline surge from a plane taking off not only because I know take-off and landing are by far the most dangerous stages, but also because I’m not able to influence the thing at all. It’s a long time since I’ve gone fast round a corner on a bicycle, but THAT gave me an adrenaline surge!

  8. I am honoured that you are now following my blog. I can’t remember my first flight but it is fortuitous you found ne when you did as I am going on a flight tomorrow to visit my grandchildren interstate. it is nalways a joy seeing them. It is only a two hour flight but on long overseas flights I always book the aisle seat as I hate being hemmed in

  9. Like you I love going to other places, and we’ve flown quite a few times, but I dread the take off and landing – not an adrenaline junkie like you 8o)

  10. Thank you for following my blog. I know my blog is a serious topic but I hope it will help others that read it as much as it helps me to write it. There is some humor spattered here and there. Like your post the other day, I strongly believe in laughter as well. Such a healing tonic.

  11. Talin,

    It is my pleasure to say thanks! Thank you for coming to my blog and liking my posts. I would email you this, but why not a warm fuzzy comment. Thank you again. And if you ever want to be a guest blogger on The Bernard Charles Show. Feel free to contact me.


  12. Shame that Mexico now seems offputting to some foreign visitors. I’ve only been once – walked in over the river into Ciudad Juarez – years ago. These days however, especially round Juarez, I would hesitate.

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