Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Take your Daily Doses Everyday!

Do you need some joy in your life? There are several ways to be joyful, cheerful and laugh. You can’t always take life seriously, you have to let loose a little, enjoy life, do something to benefit you. Do you enjoy movies? Do you enjoy stand up comedians? Do you like to go dancing? Do you like to go out to a bar or restaurant and hang out with friends? I am sure most of us do. Its all in the way you look at life and the way you want to live it. Life is unbelievably short and we should do good deeds for people as I had mentioned in my previous blog and as well as laugh and be cheerful. Nothing is better than Laughter and Smiles. It makes the world go around. Creating a world of smiles and seeing people laugh are the greatest emotions ever.

Laughing is also good for the body. It moves so many muscles and nerves all at the same time and it does make you lose calories, and doctors say that Laughter is a good way to lose weight and laughter is a positive thing in our lives. Go out buy a comedy movie, go to a circus, hang out with friends and just keep telling jokes all night or laugh about a certain memory you have had in the past, make inside jokes, live a little, do things that make you happy and you will see how big of a difference and impact it will have on you and your relationships with your loved ones and those you care about. If people see others always with a smiling face, laughing, being positive. Its a great sight to see, its something all of us need. There is so much hate, wars, unfortunate disasters, natural disasters, crimes, and so much anguish.

We should learn to love each other as one big family of our world, we should learn to live and let live, we should focus our energy on laughter, the good things in life, and maybe just maybe we would hear good news on our television sets, and these newscasters would spread around goodness instead of the bad. Its beenย a long time I have heard any good news from these news broadcasters. Wouldn’t it be nice to see good news and more love around the world? I believe in peace and harmony and I believe that we can all make a difference one person at a time.

Have fun in your life, do fun things, play a board game with family or friends, utilize your time well, take up a hobby(I am saying to those who don’t have one in general), So much! The sky is the limit.

LAUGH, LOVE, BE CHEERFUL, ENJOY LIFE, LIVE AND LET LIVE, SPREAD SOME GOOD CHEER, JUST DO IT! Not only for me because I am writing this, BUT DO IT FOR YOURSELF! You will see how incredible it really is. SO COME ON, Leave that frown and sadness at the door, and come and join in on the fun and LAUGH WILL YOU? ๐Ÿ™‚


44 thoughts on “Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Take your Daily Doses Everyday!

  1. Xxxxxxx. says:

    So nicely written and so beautifully expressed. I love reading this blog cause I believe everything that Talin wrote. Wouldn’t be nice if everyone thinks the same way? Good work Talin… I love your Blog.:))))))

  2. Mary says:

    Well said Talin! Laughter does a lot of wonderful things for the mind and the body!! If people cannot find something to do…youtube RUSSEL PETERS ๐Ÿ™‚ That will definitely make you burst out into tears from laughing so hard!!!!

    Keep it up Talin! Love reading your pages!

  3. the jay train says:

    Sounds great and I’ll try to be chippier. I hate to be a downer but sometimes it’s not as easy as just deciding to be happy. Sometimes the things you enjoy the most require that you have a friend to do it with and you don’t have a nearby friend.

  4. photosatriani says:

    You are completely right! Laughing, being positive are the only thing we have under our control to approach the life with hoping…a man can stay 4 months withour eating, 4 days without drinking, 4 minutes without breathing, but no more than 4 seconds without hoping!

  5. inspectorshmi says:

    I really need to be reminded to laugh sometimes, and just now I remember that there are so many good things in life and I can’t just focused on the bad things ๐Ÿ™‚ life is indeed too short to be dwelling on the bad thoughts. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. dawnhbrady says:

    Love it! The energy that a positive attitude can bring about is truly a gift! Love the blog, and that you are from Canada….. we were in Montreal for a month last summer and it was amazing! I am all ready looking for excuses to get back there!

  7. inherchucks says:

    Thank you for the like and the follow. What a great post! I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for sharing the importance of laughter, positivity and having fun. This is truly what life is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. susannye says:

    Talin – Thanks for the post. Have you heard of Laugh Circles … also known as Ha Ha Club … get some friends to stand in a circle and one at a time let out a good laugh. In the beginning the laughter might feel forced but within a minute or two or less, you will all be laughing in earnest. Have fun, Susan

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