Get Me On The Ellen Show — Ellen Degeneres – Raising awareness about Bullying

In My life one of the most important things to me is raising awareness about Bullying and being Bullied. Nobody should be subject to bullies and the torture people go through because of it. It is so important to me to raise this important subject as it is not said enough. I know a lot of people have been bullied and a lot of innocent children are effected by it daily. I know that Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show always brings up this subject on bullying and I want to get on her show one day and discuss this with her because I have been through terrible bullying scenerios that has effected me and It will mean the world to me if I can have the opportunity to speak about it and my feelings on public television on her show. I want to make this big difference in the world. I care about people and our world so much and I want to protect people of our world as much as I can and I want to spread out positivity to our children, to the adults and everyone who has been effected by this terrible thing.

I want to do this for the humanity of our world, I want to better our society where people won’t be afraid to go to school, where people won’t be afraid to leave their homes to go to a certain function or join after school activities. I hope Ellen Degeneres and her team at the ELLEN SHOW read this. I want to express my thoughts, not only with words and blogs, but speaking about it on television, I want to travel not only to California on her show, but I want to travel and go to schools, and motivation speaking seminars. I LOVE HUMANITY, We are all one body, and were all one big family of the world and we should treat each other as one.

I have written about bullying before, but I cannot stress how important it is to really speak about it. It sickens me to see bullies get away with it and it even sickens me more when people who have been bullied take their own life because of all the pain and anguish. Like the saying goes, What goes around comes around. It will come back to haunt people who are bullies and that bully who took that certain persons life will have a lifetime full of haunts and nightmares I guarantee it. I want to do this not only for me, but for everyone in our world. I want to take a stand against bullying, I WANT TO PUT AN END TO IT AND PUT AN END TO IT NOW!

Time is of the essence. ITS TIME NOW!


60 thoughts on “Get Me On The Ellen Show — Ellen Degeneres – Raising awareness about Bullying

  1. I think it’s only been very recently that people have begun to realize that emotional abuse can have more lasting effects than physical abuse. I don’t use the term “bullying.” I call it emotional abuse, because that’s what it is. So many people have had experiences with this form of abuse, and it is so important to keep speaking out.

  2. Way to go! And you are so right. I ahve written about this as well. Bullying does so much dmagae and it is getting worse with the internet. Thank you for taking up this worthy cause.

  3. Keep speaking and writing about it. Continue to use the audience you have now, and you will be placed before more and more people. Thank you for being so passionate about this topic. As a mother of two, it is something that concerns me deeply, and as part of the human race, we all have a responsibility to the children of this world whether we realize it or not! 🙂

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    I support the idea of raising awareness about Bulling because it definitely affect innocent children or those who are not heartless. I was bullied when I was in secondery school. At that time, I used to think that I had nobody right now apart from God. I encouraged myself to believe that only God will strengthen me and save me. The worse case senario took place in the classroom, before my English teacher. I thought that he will protect me by asking my pears to stop it or may be punish them some how. To my surprise, this did not happen. Bulling, at my time could push me to drop out of school. But an inner force was pushing me not to mind. so I told myself and decided to fight those who were bulling me back by using my brain; mean showing them that I am and better than the think by isolating myself even in the classroom and working hard. Finally I won. They spent their time making moquerie of me, swearing and even touching me or my uniform sometimes but knew where and when to get them and prove them wrong. By my grades, not marks, my passing classes. May the Lord guide Ellen on her Journey to Raising Awareness about Bulling. Peace, Love and remain blessed.

  5. I too was a victim of bullying in high school. So I know how it feels being bullied. It destroyed my self-imaged and affected my self esteem, it was horrible. It took years for me to recover from it. The thing about bullying is, if you just sit there and do nothing, those bullies feel more and more powerful and in control. I am with you on this!

  6. I cannot agree with you enough I was bullied at school and to a lesser degree in my work place. I am always sadden when I heard of a child or a young person or anyone in fact being harried to suicide by bullies and now they have no escape from cyber bullies, texting, msm and email. Bullies be they countries bullying small countries or people should learn the damage they do. GO GIRL get on that show and shout! here is a poem I wrote about my school days.

  7. great article, bullying needs to be stopped. schools should imply rules and get more engaged to what kids are doing instead of turning a blind eye.

  8. I agree that bullying is a terrible thing that can follow people around for their entire lives. Awareness and consciousness raising are certainly a great idea.

    I would personally love to hear more specifically about the bullying you have experienced and how it affected you. I’m sure it’s deeply personal and hurtful, but I think there’s a lot of power and healing that comes from sharing our stories (or maybe you already have and I just need to find it).

    Thanks for your passion for those who are picked on.

  9. Great Blog You have here . Bullies Are messed up and the internet has given them a new avenue to secretly hate and cause great amount of hurt and pain to persons It is good that you have posted this blog My story is I have been fighting cyber-paths = and Cyber-bullies for yrs and before the Internet was around…
    I have been fighting a hate group for 3 yrs and they were incognito for long time I have learned ways to weed them out and I asked them to stop posting My medical information My family (kids ) names and addresses phone numbers and aclling my home my work and so on posting outraeous lies defamtion etc …Images that are so sick I cannot repeat them here videos websites and the list goes on and on I have had to fight back the only way I know is to stand up and try to stop them First I tried to reason with them nope Not going to work they have an agenda and they stick to it Why who knows That is for the mental health professionals to figure out .. I say they are wrong and that is all I can say ..
    BTW none of this is information about me or my family was ever available online Never it was given to this Cyber-Bully andf his group obtained my private information from a Disgruntled X who I was in a custody battle for my child.
    I won The custody part and they still will not leave me alone or my other kids I have now found the ring leader and I know the names he used and etc and He continues to spin doctor and post the twisted lies defamation against me I am close to having him arrested I hope I have had videos removed that were bully type aimed at me my battle with cancer *(the first time I posted that info <)
    They have done much damage to my name life and family and I hope to final have some support from the police after I give them all the information I have These cyber bullies are very good at twisting truth that is what they do best This is how someone especially a vulnerable young person would take their own life it gets to be an form of emotional and mental abuse .. at the highest level I have a disability so my typing is a bit of a mess I am sorry about that I am sorry i went so long peace !

  10. Good luck getting on Ellen’s show. I’d like to go with my bullied chicken, too. Let’s go together!
    I too was bullied in high school & middle school because I looked different. Now I tell my story of social bullying to kids from k-12.
    Where do you tell your bullying story?
    BTW- Most “bullicides” involve more than bullying. The victim typically has undiagnosed depression involved. S/he usually hasn’t communicated her feelings to anyone who listens.
    Kids as young as 8 years old have committed suicide with connections to bullying.
    Many many many more people have survived bullying without killing themselves.

  11. It has to start by teaching our children that we must consider others important and worthy of respect!

    My mom always hated it when kids were unfriendly and did not include others. I’d consider that a form of bullying, too. It stems from self-centeredness.

  12. ❤ You should contact Ellen's producers. There's probably a contact us type thing on their website. This is something she is passionate about as you know…she just might want you on there. 🙂

  13. Excellent Post!!! Bullying still goes on in every walk of life and at every age… we all have a different take on it, but at the end of the day, NOBODY should be victimised! My son has had a lot of problems with bullying, and has got a lot of faith and confidence from Lady Gaga, and all the amazing support she gives! Check out his FB Page He is also a big follower of the ‘It Gets Better’ group…

    well done!! 🙂

  14. I spend a lot of time in schools as a volunteer. I too suffered some “bullying” when I was in school… back before it was called that–I came home with bleeding hands from pointed fingernail attacks.

    I would only say this… it’s easy to make this issue “one dimensional” and over-simplified. The kids in school are getting lots of help with it… but that help isn’t always available after they get off the bus. And that sensitivity creates a reverse bullying problem.

    Kids are learning to quickly call “bullying” as a way of gaining attention and control of others… a form of bullying in and of itself. We can do a lot of pop psychology and start diagnosing without a license or recognize this is a social and relationship issue that doesn’t fit into a nice square box.

  15. Great post.

    I know what it was like at school for me and still to this day my self esteem has issues with aspects of live. I’m a very strong minded person but you never get over what happened to you.
    I stand up for my believe and now a better person, I strive to make myself better everyday.

    I have learnt a great deal and everything that everyone has ever said to including my old man, I pushed myself to achive great things in my live that I thought I could never do.

  16. Great post! Bullying is a major issue, thanks for redirecting our attention to it.

    What an inspiration you are! If, (or should I say when!) you get on the show, I’ll be watching! Good luck to you and all you’ve set out to accomplish!

  17. I spoke with my nephew about bullying yesterday. His high school takes an active approach by holding assemblies, encouraging students to speak up, etc. He was bullied in elementary school. Now that he’s older, he understands that most bullies are insecure. Some are being bullied at home or at school. They don’t know how to deal with their emotions. It can be a vicious cycle. Luckily, it can be broken by educating kids and giving them the proper tools to use now and later in life.

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  19. Fantastic post.:)
    My son was bullied until he had to move schools, all because he only has a mum??? Crazy. It seems to be getting worse.
    Good for you, totally support you on this.

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  21. This is something I’ve learned lately. Up till the last few months I struggled with social anxiety as well as being an oversensitive writer. When people pick up on that they deliberately push your buttons to set you off. My wife tried that too and up till the last few months I thought I was the guilty party or she was just too sensitive. I took meds, prayed, got counseling, etc. After she left I weaned off psych drugs, recommtted to God, and the anger melted away. Then someone posted on Facebook that whatever angers you controls you. When you seek God you find your true identity in Him and realize what is wrong with you. Thru faith and confession you can be set free. Someone once said “the truth shall set you free.” I miss my loving side of my wife but because of bipolar I don’t know which one was which. But I’m free from being controlled and hopefully I get blessed with another shot at marriage with someone who knows what they want out of life. Know what you want and go after it and don’t let negative people hold you back. True peace & fulfillment comes from the Creator and Father of us all.

  22. A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up but do not rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty is was. She then told them to tell it they’re sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bully’s another child, they may say they’re sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home.

  23. I witnessed bullying in Jr High over 30 years ago, and did not stop it. Still regret it. Since then I have interceded several times with children and adults, but it doesn’t make up for the one I was too scared to act upon. How will you stop it today?

    Seems to me with kids it is all about tribes and kids who are likely to be bullied need some compensating skill set, like art, or music, or grades so at least they can integrate with that group.
    Civil society is a thin veneer, and perhaps we are not civilizing our children well.

    I like your positive approach in your posts.

  24. I was emotionally bullied in school. Often I stayed home sick because I was too scared of school and my fellow pupils. I then went overseas for three years with my parents. When I came back I chose to go back to my old school to “show them”. I did in a way – the classes were merged then and I never made friends among my old classmates, but I faced them daily and it was ok. I suppose it felt good to confront my fears, but the anger and other nagging feelings from those times still stick until today when I’m in my mid thirties! There’s one girl in particular that I think I’ll hate forever although I know it’s silly and doesn’t do me any good 😛

  25. I was bullied at primary school and secondary school. It’s horrid and disgusting but surprising how many people still get away with it.

    I wish you success in your quest and you have my full support.


  26. Always stand-up for what you believe in!
    Folks express hate in many different ways, and most of those whether it be young children or grown adults, have happiness missing inside!
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you make your way to The Ellen Show!

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