How Infomercials make us look like we do not know anything

Have you seen those annoying infomercials on television where these companies like as seen on tv make you look like you do not know anything? Have you ever been so insulted by that? Those commercials make you so low especially those products in regards to the kitchen. terrible.

They need to change those infomercials and make it better for the viewers. its unacceptable.

14 thoughts on “How Infomercials make us look like we do not know anything

  1. L.S. Engler says:

    I have to admit, one of my favorites parts in an infomercial is when they show someone screwing up even the simplest of tasks. The ineptitude, at that point, is just so overdone and unrealistic that it’s just funny for me. I actually get disappointed when an infomercial doesn’t show someone hacking apart a dessert because they can’t use a knife, or, my favorite, clearing out an entire shelf in the fridge with your arm trying to get a soda can out of it. OH, if only we had a soda can dispenser!!!

    I think you’ve just got to find the humor in it.

  2. Jegan Team says:

    I love how the people are phony and smiling on those commercials its all (Smiles) cuts tomato in half with super cutter (Made that up) ITS SO EASY! (holds thumb up) Then all the people come in and doubt him and he disproves them XD – Joshua

  3. says:

    Hi Talin, Thanks so much for reading my blog and subscribing. All manufacturers sell products by convincing us that we are lacking in something and by buying whatever product they sell, our lives will be better. The people who make infomercials do seem to take this to an absurd extreme, when they show people being overwhelmed by the simplest chores, like slicing vegetables. I often think of how life was for my Eastern European parents, who had no appliances, no gadgets. Their parents still cooked and made great food.

  4. Leah says:

    I hate infomercials with a passion. My husband, however, can spend hours watching them. I have no idea why. And it’s not like he ever buys anything. Strange!

  5. laila Alive says:

    One of the dangers of insomnia is prolonged exposure to infomercials : ) And I have been known to watch them for hours, because they are so downright silly, that I find them funny.

    It seems to me, that the more needless a tool is, the harder they try to show how difficult the task is without the tool. Case in point – the woman who cannot open a carton of milk without it absolutely exploding all over her, as if she a) hasn’t opened a milk carton ever in her life, b) no one in her home ever showed her how to do it, and/or c) no one in her home ever figured out how to open one themselves.

    All this time, we’ve been so deficient in calcium and vitamin D, and countless chocolate cookies have gone undipped. Where has this product been all our lives?! We’ll gladly pay three easy payments of $29.99 plus shipping and handling : )

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