The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

In Life when you are out in the world, whether you are in public, in your home, school, work, or any environment, Thank you is two of the most important, wonderful, beautiful and incredibly sweet to say. Since we are in the midst of Celebrating thanksgiving in the USA, I thought this topic would be the best to write about in today’s post. Nothing is more awesome than hearing thank you from somebody. It makes someones day go by a whole lot easier and much nicer. Now, we do not have to have a certain holiday to be thankful for everyone and everything we have in our lives, this should come out naturally 24/7 365 days a year. I am not saying to say it every minute, but for example waking up and saying thank you for being alive, thank you for dinner, thank you for your hard work, so on and so forth. There are many ways to be thankful to someone and it is just not about using the words, but acting on it too. When someone gives you wonderful advice or is trying to guide you to the right path in life, and you say thank you and do not act on that advice given, that means your not really thankful for it.

Saying thank you and meaning it is really a great feeling and you feel like a rejuvanated person.Β  Thank you is a very positive comment and thank you can make the world go around. Thank you can be said in so many different languages and it all sounds so beautiful no matter what language it comes from. If you recieve a gift from someone, if you are given a promotion at your new job, if you are invited to a persons home to stay or something, saying thank you should definitely come out naturally. People need to really get out of negativity and focus on positive words, actions and things to make the world a better place for you, for everybody and I. You know if we all cut out all the negative stuff, and focus and put energy on happiness and look forward to things in life and saying thank you, it makes everything so much more beautiful in this world that is already beautiful, but its us the people that have to maintain that.

Try it out and see where life takes you and you will not be disappointed. Trust me!

I’d like to thank all my readers, supporters, followers, and my fans. I love you guys and I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Last but certainly not least, please visit a fellow blogger who has posted this sweet and awesome message about me. Thank you so much!

Have an incredible thanksgiving weekend everyone and remember to ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU!


51 thoughts on “The Importance of Saying “Thank You”

  1. Nice post. I have a 3 yr old son and I’m constantly surprised how positively people respond to his manners. When he says “your welcome” people seem surprised which is so sad. It shouldn’t be surprising to raise children with manners.

  2. Thanks so much for your recent activity on my own blogs. Such important advice. We do have so much to be thankful for, even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

  3. What a great post! Very inspiring and positive.
    In similar fashion, thank you for visiting my blog. I’m just getting off my feet and it’s nice to know someone somewhere is with me in the early stages. So thank you πŸ™‚ I hope you continue to like the content.

  4. What a beautiful message! I have to agree the words Thank You bring much to the one who say them and the one who receive them.
    It makes a bad day better and make other remember that what they are doing is noticed and appreciated.
    Thank you for visiting so I can discover your blog.
    Happy Thanksgiving Week-End!

  5. Hi Talin – Thank you for subscribing to my blog today and for this post. Gratitiude is so important and I am thankful everyday for family and friends and new acquaintances like you. Keep on writing ‘the good stuff’!

  6. you speak out my mind. Great post.

    BTW, was discussing with a great friend of mine the other day about school, education, students and teachers …. it reminded me of how wonderful people are teachers, how significant role they have in our lives. And so how it would be great to take a step back and think about them, and also send them out regards and thanks even after years of graduating.


  7. i feel that it’s a bit subjective when it comes to advice.
    a person can be thankful for the concern but it’s still a personal decision to apply it.
    i do get your point for thanksgiving through actions. thanks for sharing.

  8. That was a very nice post as are all I have had the time to read this evening. I will share two things of importance. First from your hear felt Thank you the heart felt you are welcome and my heart felt thank you! Your words and thoughts shared are bringing positive change and growth to our world!

  9. What a beautiful post! I always say thankyou, smile at people and try to be as friendly and understanding as possible. Not only do you feel good inside and have a sense of well being but also people respond to you better! x

  10. Awesome. They are two simple words yet some manage to never say them. I have 2 year old cousin and he says thank you, please and you’re welcome all the time. Simply a case of having manners. Thank you for the like on my blog!

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  12. So many people do not even think about saying Thank you any more. I send out birthday and anniversary cards to the people in our church. Our 2 girls (3 1/2 and 1 1/2) like to help me write them. They may just scribble, but that doesn’t matter. I have had several people who come up and tell the girls thank you for their note. They actually ask to help write them. Even the cards we write to say thank you, get well and congrats.

  13. Saying thank you for every little thing is indeed makes us feel better. Also don’t forget to smile and be grateful every single day πŸ˜€

  14. Great post Talin…… Thank you (with a smile) is something I say to everyone who does ANYTHING for me. It’s such a small thing to do but it shows great appreciation for the time that person spent doing what they did. It makes them feel appreciated and it always makes me feel better.

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