You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Anybody Says

In life so many people care so much about someones exterior, than really thinking about what is important on the inside. Do you have people in your life and people who surround you and tell you, your not beautiful? Your not up to par? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. All of us have a beauty about us inside and outside. Inner beauty is far more important. I know when someone is saying about being beautiful automatically think of the exterior and do not seek past that. A beautiful personality is far more attractive. A beautiful person posesses mature, loving, thoughtful and honest qualities. I think a lot of people misconstrude beauty.

We all have great qualities, and were all beautiful in our own unique way, no matter how we look like, no matter our shape, figure and so much more. A few blogs ago, I explained about Natural beauty and why putting on too much make up ruins your look. I am not trying to tell people what to do, and how to dress, but were all different people, and we all have different styles, different ways of dressing up and that is fine. I am not discriminating against what people wear, or how they wear it.

If some people sit back and think about all the qualities they have instead of being so negative about yourselves, you wouldn’t be so depressed and you wouldn’t sell yourself short. Putting yourself down and making a big fuss about “I am not beautiful” “I am Ugly” “Nobody Likes Me” “I am not good enough”. You should take those thoughts and throw them out to the dumpster and stop thinking those terrible things. It makes matters worse. No Matter what anybody says, no matter what happens, always think positively and always be a step ahead. Life is too short to be depressed and be thankful that you are here on earth and be thankful you are living. If we all take depression out of our lives, and if we take out putting ourselves down, this world would be a much happier place and I would see more people with smiles on their faces. It is not worth beating yourself up about anything. Keep smiling, because let me tell you a secret, smiling is beautiful and it makes people more beautiful than they already are. Smiling makes a world of a difference, smiling gives energy, smiling gives a sense of happiness although sometimes we really aren’t but that smile can light up the world.

Each day that passes when you go to bed smile, when you wake up you smile and be thankful everyday that you have another chance at life, when your occupied with the busy day to day life, make time to smile because that is one of the most beautiful things in this world. The next time you think about telling yourself that your ugly, snap out of it and get back to reality, look in the mirror and say I am beautiful. Make life better and stop being negative. It is not healthy. Don’t just sit there, do something about it. You will see how incredible your life will change and that change will impact everyone around you. Try it. you won’t go wrong.

130 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful, No Matter What Anybody Says

    • hi Talin,
      I liked very much your thoughts and feelings that lead to constructive “actions”…i learned also something (when i used to be a fencer) i wish to share with you. Sometimes the “action” is just to “do nothing and wait alert”…i have learned to wait to people to SEE who I am, what I really look like…my motto is SOULLY…..EGO..less
      chers, and wish everyone interestig last moments of this 2011!

  1. “smiling is beautiful and it makes people more beautiful than they already are. Smiling makes a world of a difference, smiling gives energy, smiling gives a sense of happiness although sometimes we really aren’t but that smile can light up the world ”

  2. Talin – great topic and I like the way you handled it. I’d written a similar post several months ago about my weight and got some great comments from my small group of VERY loyal readers.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I hope you like my content. Some posts are long, others short, but I try to be thought provoking by explaining life as I see it. I look forward to hearing more from you.


  3. really nice 🙂 I learned a lot from your post. I’m wondering if I can ask you a favor.. can you follow me? I’m a student and we are required to have as many followers as we can.. I hope you can help me out on this 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH.. also, can you ask your friends to do the same too? I know this is too much, but I really need it. THANKS again 🙂

  4. Love the inspiration. My dad always told me “let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day”. he’d say it on matter what the weather and his point was the same point you make here. 🙂

  5. Good morning, talinorfali. I hate to, but I beg to differ on this one post. I have lived 90% of my life in depression, and although in a perfect world, throwing it in the dumpster would be very satisfying, it just isn’t quite that easy. I have learned to look in the mirror and say, “you’re okay; you’re doing fine.” For now, that is enough. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and I tell you, I’m grateful you found me. I love your blog!

    • Sorry to hear about the depression! And I know there’s probably nothing I could say to change how you feel, but thry this, “This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you” (Hafiz, Canfield and Hansen 2007, 138); Meaning, this is your time– on this earth, that God loves all his children and that therefore, you are truly loved! Try giving yourself some real love first and the universe will return it to you ten fold!

  6. unfortunately we come across such negative people all the time, being born with a few solid defects which are impossible to hide i have learned to ignore these people now- and they taught me to ignore a person’s outer appearance.

    I believe a person’s heart/soul is what makes him/her beautiful.

    very beautiful post.

  7. That is so true! Besides, society’s idea of ‘beauty’ changes. Rubens’ lovelies wouldn’t make it down the catwalk nowadays, because of their magnificence of female flesh. I feel we women should embrace and celebrate our lumps and bumps and quirks and wrinkles as a sign of having lived life to the full and not abjectly conform to what someone else wants us to be.

    True beauty is the sum of who we are. And that is internal. It’s the smile and the expression in someone’s eyes that lights up a face and makes it beautiful.

    Rock on!

    And thanks for following my blog.


  8. Hi Talin, Great post! I often wish this culture I live in didn’t place so much importance on how people look. When people give compliments or insults about how you look, what they are really doing is opening a window into their own insecurities.


  9. This is soooo true. When I think of the people who mean the most, or the inspirational folks I most want to emulate, their physical looks have nothing to do with my feelings toward them or about them. It is always the inner light and beauty that draws me. That was a hard lesson for me to learn. But it is true. Thank you for this timely post.

  10. Yes, it was my wife’s big beaming and beautiful smile – in the first five minutes of meeting her – that won me over. It still has the power to floor me!

    Thank you for the “Like” on my Matt Rest post in a similar vein. We should not be afraid to embrace and share our uniqueness – as much as our one-ness – with everyone! 😉

  11. Hey, Talin!
    I agree with you! Misconstrued beauty is rampant. One of my first posts on my page is an essay – “The Pursuit of Beauty” – about my experiences with an eating disorder. True beauty is in being a faithful follower of the teachings of Christ Jesus and all that that entails. Thanks for giving my posts a read; I hope to continue reading some of yours as well.

    In Christ,

  12. A beautiful, wise post. A great reminder to smile! 🙂 I’m glad you stopped by my blog, because now I have discovered yours. Lovely stuff here.

  13. Talin, I do appreciate the majority of this post, but have to disagree with you on the ease of curing depression. Depression isn’t just a state of mind, but a medical condition. While I agree that there are some people who are only happy when they are miserable, in most cases, no one chooses to be depressed. For me, I choose NOT to be depressed. That’s why I take my medication every day. I wish it were as easy as keeping positive thoughts, which I try to do, but for some, it’s a little more difficult than that.

    Thanks for following my blog, , which lead me to yours. I love your bright outlook, and look forward to reading more of your posts!

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  15. Excellent discussion. I agree with everything you have blogged. However, human being are superficial. Everyday I come in contact with lovely, and outstanding women who cannot secure a mate because of their outer appearance. Ultimately how a mate treats you will determine if you will be happy with that mate. So, the inner qualities of the person you spoke about is more important. However, most of the time humans choose appearance over inner qualities. Will humans ever learn, that (the good appearance of something can no more enhance the quality of something. Than sunshine can enhance the quality of trash).

  16. hi to all talinorfali.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thank yous speak soon
    g moore

  17. So true. When still a young woman I replaced negative self-talk with positive. It took some time as I’d been allowing myself to speak negatively to myself for most of my life (I thought that’s what everyone’s head was filled with). Now I can look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful. I wake up happy, smiling, jiggling and ready to take on another day!
    Your words ring true and need to be repeated in many ways so that everyone grasps the importance of accepting themselves as beautiful. It can be life-changing.

  18. Thank you for meandering through my blog. I enjoyed the meander through yours. I am trying to change so much about myself, and weight is just one factor. It’s a real struggle, though. Beauty is important. We cannot pretend it isn’t, and we fool ourselves if we think that it does not draw us in. The biggest problem, however, is that we so narrowly define it. Thank you for that reminder. I had that Christina Aguliara song running through my head the whole time I read your blog on beauty..

  19. Sad that so many people are focused on looks.
    I like your attitude.
    My mother, who had nine children, always said, “You’re fine just the way you are.”
    she’s right.
    Thx for dropping by Raising Able.

  20. Nice blog and reminder. I know I still deal with esteem issues. I think your last paragraph sums it up well. Always nice to start and end the day with a smile and gratitude. Gratitude is my favorite and hardest practice these days.

  21. You know, sometimes the most difficult thing in life is just to discern right from wrong. In everyone of us lies deep down the clear awareness of what it is right to do and what it is not. We ned to peel ourselves from the lies we build in our entire life to justify our wrongdoings, and just act for what we believe right, even the smallest thing is a great step to become a great person.
    Because there is noone greater than the person that is proud to follow his heart with a warm smile on the face.
    It is hard to hate, it is tyring, it needs costant fueling of lies…Beeing happy is simpler, warmer, feels lighter. There is no hardness in choosing to be happy, it makes you gladly accept difficulties since they are towards your hapiness. As someone said:”the point is not the where you go but how you arrive there.”

  22. A toast to possitivity and optimism. Thanks for all the tips, I will remember them all but I can always begin with a smile… Have a great day Talin 🙂

  23. Wow I absolutely love this. I can’t tell you how many “traditionally attractive” guys I meet that are ugly to me because of their personality. Conversely, I have met guys who were not traditionally attractive by society’s standards, that I think ARE attractive because of their personality!

    I am so happy that I found your blog. ❤

  24. I agree, we all are beautiful no matter what the superficial world says. Beauty is in the heart and character. Our greatest gift for ourselves this Christmas is to love and celebrate ourselves, to live in peace and happiness knowing we have a beautiful soul… Happy Holidays….

  25. Firstly, thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope to get to know you more over the coming months.
    I do agree with you. I am in the process of running a 6 week course on Power of Positive Thinking and it is amazing how many people have little self confidence and so don’t realise that they are beautiful and powerful. Good post.

  26. One word AWESOME , nice piece of work… good variance in ur write ups… just got glued to urwrite ups… Find a Fan and a follower in ME>. cheers way to go .. 🙂

  27. This is a lovely post.
    It’s crazy, isn’t it – I don’t walk around analysing what other people look like or assessing their looks but if someone smiles at me I’ll immediately warm to them and just smile back.

  28. I couldn’t agree more with you! Although I can say these things when my friends are in need for these words, I find it hard to tell and convince myself that I am not useless. Thanks for making this post, it reminded me to thank myself more often 🙂

  29. Each day is a bonus day,
    It comes to us fresh and new,
    What you do with it is mainly up to you.

    Being positive will help others see you in a better way. Talin, great post and thank you.

  30. It’s funny how negative talk is more of the norm than positive – we say things like: I can’t believe I did that, I’m so stupid, this dress makes me look pregnant – now let us replace that with: That’s not like me, I must be having a bad day, This dress makes me look radiant – much better – it takes practice and repetition – something that you have to practice every day and get rid of negativity – helps to get rid of negative people from your life as well – love the blog!

  31. I love this. It was such a perfect thing for me to read right now, while struggling to see the positive in life with so much negativity around. It is one of my goals , to love myself more, and not be so hard on myself.. and this was such a perfect read for that goal.
    Thank you

  32. Have you ever noticed, that people that you love just get more beautiful every time you look at them?
    I swear…it’s an amazing thing.

    You are truly gifted with love of humanity, and being able to inspire them. Keep up the good work!

  33. Great Post, Great Comments, as a man thinketh he shall be!
    our thoughts determine our reality and our future
    Stay looking up and forward in all things, with a thankful attitude

  34. good blog. one of my pet peeves is people who think that beauty is the surface. We have young people having botox and what does it do? gives you a face with no expression. You are right, we all have something beautiful…whether it is our eyes, our hair, our lips, our actions, our hands, our face…no matter what, but no matter how beautiful the outside is…if the inside is not beautiful too..the beautiful outside dims.

  35. I agree with what you say but this is a very superficial society and there is pressure especially on women about the way they look and as one ages and sees their looks fading or at least changing it can be a jarring experience as you try to figure out who you are without relying on looks. I was not the homecoming queen but i certainly had my “fan base” but now I feel very insecure and i don’t like that feeling.

  36. Very good post. Some of most beautiful people (actresses ) are the most insecure about their looks. Interesting why they are also actors …huh? Perhaps unable to express true feeling about themselves unless being someone else?

  37. Thanks for the reminder… when everyone knows this and appreciates this truth about everyone else, the world will change in leaps and bounds for the better!

    Thanks for visiting my site

  38. First thank you for liking my blog. and starting a blog just seemed to be a good way to get my frustrations and feelings out. Your taking the time to read my blog and liking it means a great deal to me. Love your post and look forward to following you.

  39. This is a great message and great encouragement for someone right now. Everyone has pretty much dealt with these kinds of feelings in some way or another. For those of us that gained the power to overcome negative self image, Bravo! For those that have not, we need to keep lifting them up just like your doing in this post. I love it.. Great words!

    P.S. thanks for Comin to my blog! 🙂

  40. It is so true – we need to value the our own beauty. We are each amazing gifted beings – no matter our abilities and disabilities. We each have something to offer. Thanks for sharing this post.

  41. I remember back in the 80’s when I was so terribly mislead and lived a tornado of a life, wearing SO MUCH makeup, that I look back now & laugh at the pictures.
    I was trying so hard to “cover up” the misery in my life, yet no amount of caking it on ever changed anything; it only attracted the WRONG kind of people to me.
    Nowadays, when I look at a woman, and she has WAY too much makeup on, I know for sure that she is incredibly self-conscious, mislead, and miserable. It is as though it were a neon sign above her head. Matured and learned women like us can use that gigantic flag to gravitate to where we are needed most.
    ****When they said, “Cover Girl,” they really meant it!********

  42. Hi,I was really pleased to read your piece. Yes I do agree with you. We live in a society that is on the whole very negative. I for one have been overweight and thought very little of myself in terms of beauty but over the years I have found a much more powerful beauty which as you have read in my blogs which I thank you.

    When you feel loved and accepted by God and forgiven and you see how much beauty there is in the world around you and you realise that you too are part of that beauty – it does make me smile and enjoy the gift of life all the more.

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  44. Talin, Thank you for this post!
    On this Christmas day and our 23rd wedding anniversary, I sit here at my computer, glance at our Christmas tree and our Kwanzaa candles, reflect on the joyous week I just spent with my family in the States, but sadly remember the negative anti-American arrows my husband spat out while there. I hadn’t been home in four years, and he attempted to steal my joy at every possibility.
    Early this mornig, my husband went to Christmas dinner held at his Sister’s place in Germany. Why did I not join him? Because of recent negative energy and past harsh words from his mother, sister and her husband. I choose to surround myself with folk who accept me, my ethnicity, my principles and beliefs just as I accept theirs. For years, I swallowed criticism to maintain the peace, but once I became ill, I started speaking up. Making that decision has made me stronger, more self assured, and assertive. Christmas and New Years peel the scars on wounds that were believed healed. Lots of emotions ascend which may lead to turbulence, like a rollercoaster bi-coastal flight. Our recent flight was pretty smooth. Hopefully, that flight symbolizes our 24th year.
    My Mom’s Christmas words ring in my ears, “‘We are here only for a short time!'”

  45. when you go to bed smile, when you wake up you smile and be thankful everyday that you have another chance at life

    That is really beautiful 🙂

  46. Hi Talin, here’s a little blog today

    I think the key really is: “Don’t worry, be happy!” – as there is someone for everyone, and no real rules about who might like who, based purely on “the view”

    Certainly a great and genuine smile can brighten your own day, and make people approach you – as I certainly discovered in my role as a wing man….

    You may just have to be careful when and where you smile though, as much as who at, if you DON’T want the attention that that smile might bring…

    Have a nice day!


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