2012 Is a Year That Will Be Filled With Change.

As another year concludes next month, it is now time to think about what needs to be changed in 2012. There are myths and predictions the world will end in 2012, people even said that when it was going to be the year 2000. I really do not believe in that. In 2011, I had been going crazy looking for employment and something to do with my life outside of writing. I volunteered at an Armenian Saturday School, I took some courses in College last semester, took many trips to Montreal, and I did so much, but I want to crack down and get right toward to think about my future and to set real goals and accomplish them. I want to change my lifestyle and the way that I function everyday. I will make an effort to make sure physical activity is added to my daily routine. I feel so tired quickly and I just want to keep eating, but I know that is not good for me in the long run and maybe before 2012 comes,Β I shouldn’t wait for a new year, I should take action now of my health and my well-being and feel and look better. This is a lesson for me actually. This coming weekend, I will be a bridesmaid at a good friends wedding and after trying on more than 20 dresses, I finally found the perfect one for me and I felt so embarassed that most dresses do not look great on me because of my weight issues.

I decided to take action and that action includes getting healthy, dropping the pounds, and working toward my goal to get into nice swimsuits, to get into nice outfits and most importantly being attractive to the opposite gender and hopefully start a relationship with someone, settle down and enjoy life with someone. I am just so tired of being lonely and to be honest I have never had a boyfriend before, and I have never had a relationship before and its terrible. At my age, people are wondering why I am still single, but this is a wake up call. I am not getting any younger and the years and flying by ever so quickly, days are going by faster and faster and I need to take charge of my life now, and make better choices in terms of my weight, and finding employment. I need to stand on my own two feet and nobody will come to my door to invite me to work, I need to get out there more and work so hard and be determined to find a job and some sort of income for the time being until I find what I am looking for in my field. I cannot do this anymore and I need to take action now. I feel 2012 will be so much more different and I feel 2012 is going to be my year and I feel that it will be one of the best years ever hopefully. I hope to find someone in my life. I want a boyfriend, I want to have more respect for myself and I want people to notice me a lot more and when people ask what I am doing, I want to tell them I am working.

That is a question most people ask now, is what are you doing? Are you in School? Do you Work? Or Both… It will feel awesome to say yes I am working and I will do the best I can to do that and I will be positive and I won’t get discouraged. If at First I don’t succeed, I will try again and I will not stop.

52 thoughts on “2012 Is a Year That Will Be Filled With Change.

  1. Good for you! You can do everything you want to, you just have to want it hard enough! I didn’t think there was hope for me either, and I have now lost more than 100 pounds! I’ve always said the key to weight loss, and really anything is life, is you have to want it more than you want the alternative. And I met the man of my dreams on EHarmony, when neither one of us thought there was hope for us. lol. So I say dream big, and don’t give up! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, just wanted to wish you good luck for your goals in 2012. It’s not always easy but good luck!

    I’m trying to be more healthy too and I’ve given up trying to be in a relationship. The most important thing i think is to be happy with yourself.

    All the best! πŸ™‚ I’d be rooting for you.

  3. Talin, As always, this is a great post.

    The Mayans predicted the world will end in 2012. But, not sure if that will happen.

    Thinking allowed, will financial institutions be taking this prediction seriously? Are they going to dish out some very long term loans or will they start recalling loans in 2012?

    Economically, the outlook is bleak and it will impact on everyone. We have seen anything can happen suddenly, so I don’t underestimate or disbelieve the power of nature.

    Thank You.

  4. Keep up the positive thoughts and posts. Find your passion in life, niche, writing, helping, caring for people, love and other experiences will come.
    Real friends lead to relationships, take time to pursue those and you can find someone special or do the online relationship thing as mentioned. I found love some 13 years ago online, and moved half way around the world to be with her.
    Take a risk, accept a challenge, life is certainly too short.
    Keep blogging.

  5. Thanks for the Like and the Follow!!

    I, too, need to lose weight and get my butt into gear, but it’s so hard to feel motivated when you feel so down – downward spiral a-go-go!! However, you’ve taken a huge step in declaring that you are willing to put in the effort to change and, once you’re in that mindset, anything is possible.

    The challenge is to stay motivated as it is hard work to break habits, so make sure you keep us all updated and ask for help and motivation when you need to!

  6. Thanks for liking my first blog post. It seems our posts relate. You’re hoping for change in your life, and change is always a good thing, I think, mostly when they are good changes. i hope you’re able to accomplish the goals you’re setting for yourself. You can get there, keep trekking, don’t give up. And don’t take for granted the good that is in your life already.

  7. I identify with a lot of your issues and concerns.

    For years, I wanted to lose 10 pounds (just to fit better in my clothes), and then this year – by making healthier choices and life’s stresses came my way and I lost 20 pounds – then all my clothes were falling off me. So the new challenge was to gain 10 of the 20 pounds that I had lost (the challenge continues, but I am hopeful πŸ™‚ ).

    We are have the inate need to love and be loved – I soooooooo identify with this…:-)

    All the best in finding employment – may God direct your path.


  8. Thanks for the like and the follow on my blog. Stay strong and you will succeed. If I have one piece of advice for you in your path to a healthy and fit life… run like Forrest Gump! Start running at your own pace. Walk and run at the beginning if you have to, you will gradually start running more and faster… and always think of Jeannie screaming “Run, Forrest, run!”. Enter a running club, running with a group of people not only helps you stay committed it also helps socializing. Don’t give up! Good luck!

  9. Good for you!! I admire your determination and the fact that you’ve set attainable goals for yourself. Nothing can stop you now!! πŸ˜€

    I don’t believe the world will end in 2012 either, but I do think the world *as we know it* may change a LOT. With so much unrest and economic uncertainty worldwide, big changes are bound to follow. So the “end of the world” prediction may point more toward sweeping changes that no one could have foreseen.

  10. You are such a beautiful person on the inside. It shows through your writing. Someday soon, you will have the opportunity of a lifetime. Embrace that which we call “Love”. He will be most impressed, I’m sure!

  11. Good for you! I love to hear people talk like this! I’m a regular gym goer myself and I have to tell you that the people that I find most inspirational are the ones that don’t look like your typical gym rat. Their road is the longest yet they have the most to gain. I love watching these people make it happen. It inspires me to get off my dead a$$ and work harder. I’m supremely confident you’ll be one of those people. The key, like you said, is to just keep going. As long as you don’t stop, you won’t fail.

  12. Dear Talin, I got to your blog because you “liked” mine (thank you, by the way, we all need the encouragement) and I started reading. And then I read some more and this morning I saw your post about 2012. I don’t know but what come across from your writing is that you are a brave woman, honest with yourself and the world at large. Any idea how hard that is? So go ahead, shed some pounds, find a boyfriend, a dream job but don’t lose sight of the fact you are already half way there. And be nice to yourself in the process. You deserve it.

  13. oh i love this plan for the coming year. i know that once you put your mind to something it can happen! plus you have this awesome support system in the blogging world……..

  14. Talin, you’re already working — you’re writing, and that’s hard work. What you want is a job that pays, and you’ll find it because you are focused. I say Come on 2012! It’s time to shake it up!

  15. hi, thanks for visiting my site. interesting post and goodluck with your goals, everyone deserves to be happy πŸ™‚
    i’ll be trying on some piece of the action too. yeap, it would be nice to look good in a swimsuit for the summer next year. fingers crossed and cheers to both of us πŸ™‚

  16. Getting healthy is always a good idea and don’t we all need to think more about the choices we make in that department? You can do it. I know you can.

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for subscribing to my blog. You are my 100th subscriber!

  17. A very positive outlook! Congratulations! Although it’s essential to have resolutions to the not-so-good times in and parts of our lives, it’s also about courage to move on, accepting who we are and developing the talents that we’ve got and improve on where we are good at. More importantly, prayer, prayer and more prayer!

    Good luck and thank you for subscribing to my blog as well. I hope be both find inspirations from each other!

  18. Hi, Talinorfali. Congratulations on yourr early New Year’s resolutions! You sound both determined and confident. By the way, unlock all the crackpot junk you hear on the history channel, or on talk shows, the Mayans never said that the world will end in 2012. 2012 is simply the end of their long count calendar, which has happened before. It’s to be the beginning of a new age, not the end of everything we know and love. Don’t let any of the nuts discourage you from your goals. I’m wicked proud of you!

  19. Hi Talin. there are many thing worse than being single. Been married twice and am single again. Being alone while with someone is one of the worst experiences of my life. Why people act one way during courtship and become someone else in marriage is beyond me. I wish you the best new year you can imagine…

  20. Hi Talin,

    Thank you for sharing yourself! I wish you the best in your goals for 2012 and currently, if you begin now! Yes, the holidays are upon us, but it’s not impossible to lose weight during this time and it’s not impossible to “not gain” any, too! I agree with Sandra; you’re writing and that’s great and as long as you are focused, determined, sustain positive attitude and persevere, you’ll make it to the finish line! Thanks so much for supporting my poetry, too, I really appreciate it! Happy Thanksgiving and may all your dreams come true! πŸ™‚

  21. Really great post, Talin. I can tell by your writing that you are a good person, excellent writer and you will do well in life. Keep having faith and moving forward. My thoughts are with you!

  22. Just wanted to wish you the best in all your 2012 goals – getting fit and feeling sexy is a worthy goal. It takes time and dedication, but well worth the results.

    BTW – thanks for subscribing to my blog…just noticed. I think you have an encouraging blog, here. I look forward to more posts.

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  24. Yes, it’s that time of year now when we think about what we have accomplished this year so far and what we hope for next year. I hope you will choose the most wonderful goals for yourself for next year so that the best things will come to you.

  25. Hi Talin
    I just wanted to say a big “thank you!” for following my health and well-being blog – I hope you might find something of use to you there in your quest for the coming year – how exciting to be taking charge of your destiny in this way, one step at a time.
    Good luck
    In spirit, Sally

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