Two Faced People

It seems to me that two faced people have been surfacing around a lot lately. I do not get how people can be so great with you to your face and be nice and forthright, but behind your back, they say some of the most nastiest and terrible things about you and then you find out about it later. It is not a pleasant thing to hear. You how they say, what goes around comes around. It is definitely true. These days finding nice, kind and a straight shooter is hard to find. You just have to be lucky to encounter that special individual who promises to be honest and real with you. This goes hand in hand with a previous blog I wrote about Fake VS. Real. It is not fair to the person who has put his/her trust into someone and who has expressed, given all the feelings to that person about a serious situation or crisis a friend is going through whether its for a relationship, family issues, friend issues, work issues, and very personal things that person has talked about and some people who are two face spread it and behind your back, they do not even care about you. Backstabbing someone is not a good trait to develop. It leads to lifelong struggles and it leads to a person not to trust anyone anymore about problems.

I do not understand why people do these things to others, why two faced people always seem to concur, and people are with them, more than the person who has become victimized due to that fact. My advice to you readers out there is to stand tall and firm and do not take any of this anguish people have caused you and do not let these things hover you. I cannot stress how important it is to be yourself and to re-evaluate all the people in your life and stick with the ones whom always have your back in situations like this. Be who you are. There are people out there who appreciate you and they will not backstab you and be two faced with other people. These certain issues of the world can cause tension and stress, but do not let is stress you out. One day someone will teach two faced people a lesson, but of course not with violence and threats, but a civilized conversation with that person to tell them, that what they are doing is wrong and if the scenario and roles were reversed and if the two faced person was the person who is expressing themselves and sharing personal and sensitive information, then I am sure they would stop it. Always play reverse psychology. See where you end up, but I am almost certain that those words will change that persons attitude and the way to live honestly and real. Try it out for yourself.

15 thoughts on “Two Faced People

  1. Great article! And I totally agree.

    I am still at college, studying. And I think many people know who school is like. People are hard to trust, they talk behind your back, because of how you look like, what clothes your wear, etc, etc. They even do it on the internet.

    I usually stand up for those people and myself. I have learned that if I don’t do anything about it, I take it home with and me feel miserable. And if you face that two faced person about what it has done, i think it will scare them off a little bit, and they will learn their lesson. 🙂

  2. You’re right about two faced people and how to handle them. Honestly, I feel a raw kind of hatred towards them. It pains me to confess that I am distantly related to 5 of these kinds of people. This post brought back some unpleasant memories, but the message is important. “Stand tall and firm” indeed. If you have a twitter, let me know. I have an easier time getting to new posts through twitter versus my inbox.

  3. Great Article, I have encountered many in my life, don’t be easy to trust some one until you know and feel he or she is the one. Be yourself and Enjoy Life.

  4. Its funny how some people well go through to make others lives miserable, I know one who is evil and miserable to try to being me down. However she has not brought me down, she only has hurt my husband and his family. Jealous and hate only hurts that person. One day she will piss the wrong bitch and her name is Karma and then I will like to see her.
    Talin keep writing about this kind of stuff. Enjoy writing it. Keep up to good job.

  5. It’s true. I see it every day in university. And recently more so between my friends – about friends and even towards me (so I found out) and then I noticed it more publicly online. I defend the person and myself. However, that makes ME the nasty one it seems. Although, my willingness to tell the truth, to the person also does too. Just can’t win!

  6. I think that this is a tricky subject when it is happening in real life.
    Like many of us, I’ve been the subject of peoples two faced lies sometimes it’s a situation where one person choses to twist what really happened in order to make themselves look like the sweet victim instead of the actual manipulator who instigated events.
    I learned over time that this person developed a reputation for doing this with everyone they knew and that whilst some blindly followed the story being spun before them, and belivd the worst of me/us that there were a few silent ones who wanted to keep away from trouble but watched with knowing eyes since they’s seen this type of thing unfold from this person over and over before.
    The person concerned has deep Life and social issues and we were trying to not give up on them, there is a fine line between “loving the hardest ones to love” and moral and emotional self defence when they try and shred you every chance they get. (making anyone else the “bad guy” is easier than facing up to their actions and consequences thereof.)
    I know from many tears and heartache that “not letting it stress you out” is really really really hard when there is emotional bonds being pulled to their limits too.
    Sometimes you just need a break from these people, a chance to escape the constant snipes.
    Sometimes you CAN continually turn the other cheek, other days when you can’t manage it, you need to retreat for a bit so you can recharge the batteries and let wounds heal.

  7. Here’s one thing I realize that thee two faced people are full of insecurities. Not worth your energy to even acknowledge them.. I go with the principle that you give off positive energy, you get that positive energy back in 10 fold.. Regs..

  8. I don’t think there’s anyone on this earth who has not encountered a two-face, and it hurts. As many commentators have said here, those people are unhappy and miserable. I vaguely remember a radio agony aunt once saying that miserable people are very generous because they share that misery with everyone else. That, I would say, is a two-face. You can’t completely deflect their nastiness, but you can carry out the best revenge, which is to do well: in your job, your family and friends and your community. Without the oxygen of your misery to keep them going and make them feel better about themselves, they’ll have to either seriously consider changing their ways, find some other poor unfortunate, or shrivel up and die. Metaphorically speaking.

  9. I’d love to look at your post on fake vs. real. Do you know how to put links into your blog? It’s not hard and I like doing it when I refer to an earlier post.


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  11. Ahh yes the two faced people … the ‘grey matter’ in the world. As much as I hate them, they are a necessary evil, as how else will we learn to protect ourselves or be better ppl. I like this post ….

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