From having no friends to having friends really changed my life around.

I never thought I would ever see these days to be happy, to have friends, to have people who love and appreciate me for who I am and respect me for me. It has been an ongoing battle, but God answered my prayers. I have gone to church to light candles, I have prayed in my home, and I thought of the terrible times I had when I was going to school, and somewhat in the Armenian community when I was younger who never accept me, who never gave me the time of day, who never treated me as I was part of something, I had no hope, I had nothing to look forward to, I had diddly, I cried almost everyday, the most difficult days of my life are over, well, I hope to be over,  but that changed within the last couple of years.

Life started to be positive, great people have come into my life, people who I can call sisters/brothers now. We have this bond that is so special to me, and what keeps me going. They are who keep me going. Life changed so much for me and I can finally say “I have friends” “I have people who really appreciate me” “I have people who love me” “I have people who care about me”. It is truly the best feeling in the world. I thank Facebook, Radio AGA, Montreal events, Cambridge Events, and so much more for that. Social networking online isn’t such a bad thing at all. It has brought me some of the most awesome people in this world. Life is now great, I finally look forward to great things in life. I can finally be positive.

The best thing to do is be yourself, do not try to be someone you are not, be cool, never lose faith and hope and things will fall into place as it did for me. Thank you to those who made  a big impact and big difference in my life. You know who you are… I love you deeply and terribly much.

10 thoughts on “From having no friends to having friends really changed my life around.

  1. Such a nice post! I’m glad you have friends. It’s easy during the down times to think that things will always be that way. But every time we later find that things turn around and life gets really good. You seem very nice and I am sure you will have even more friends than you do already.

  2. Talin, we love you and you have a wonderful spirit. Keep up the good works. You always have friends here in Dubai, so when are you coming?? 🙂
    xox “The Nouri’s”

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