When a great name and a great reputable person has their name tainted…

There are people in this life who they know that you have done nothing but greatness, always a down to earth, respectful, appreciating person, helpful, and all of a sudden somebody OR some people comes up and gets jealous and intimidated by your good nature, so they do everything to make your name and reputation tainted in the community, they are so miserable, unhappy, unsure and insecure about themselves, that they want to make others lives unhappy, and miserable, and give negative energy toward you. You need to becareful.

Trust these days has become so minimal, and trust has become something that is very rare these days. You cannot trust people easily. You never know who they become after getting to really know someone. You never know, they maybe very nice to you and act like they care about you, but behind your back, they are nasty and sneaky and try to make your good name into a terrible one. Choose people who will benefit your life, who will be real to you, who actually genuinely care and want nothing but the best for you. Don’t put everything in one basket. Always balance your life and everything has its limits. Always know and open your eyes about who you accept in your life. It is very important.

Be who you are, continue your greatness, make sure you choose your friends wisely because you never know who they really become until it is too late. Be careful who you trust… It is better to have few friends that will be there for you through thick or thin, then having hundreds of friends who will just laugh with you, but when going gets tough, they arent there to back you up. Then you know who is real and who is not… I love my friends and I want nothing but the best for them…

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