Google Gmail, Blogger has disappointed me.

In the last 4 years, I have had a solid account with Google, such as a gmail e-mail account, as well as a blog where I worked so hard on, among other applications that google uses. All that unfortunately came to an instant halt for no reason at all. A couple of weeks ago, The Google team decides to disable my account without even telling me. I know on Google it says we reserve the right to terminate or disable accounts without notice. I mean what have I possibly done, but being a loyal person to google? What have I done to deserve such treatment from a reputable site out there who is used by millions of people around the world?

I am so disappointed in Google for shutting me out of my own e-mail where I had over 1500 e-mail addresses, an organized address book, I used this e-mail address for employment and resume purposes, so on and so forth. I had an organized Picasa web album to share with family and friends, I had so many things. Google has made my life complicated now, because I have all my family e-mail addresses who I keep in touch with around the world, even friends in the UK, and all over the place. I find it unfair and I will keep at it until I get my account back with all of my information.

I thought a big company, search engine like this would be better and treat their users more better, than this. I did nothing wrong, I followed the rules and guidelines, I did not abuse any features of Google. I am really appauled. I worked so hard at my blogs, which I was able to retrieve back by locating them on cached files on the internet. I will never use google ever again. Only for research purposes, mapping purposes, but other than that, Google is no longer something I am going to ever look at the same way again. They may have those Cool Google picture signs on special and commemorative days, they might have all the popularity in the world, but It is no longer my cup of tea. They made me cry so much. Losing my stuff devastated me. I have lost all respect for google. I will never return to them again, but I EXPECT ALL MY information back and I won’t stop until I get it.

Sticking it to GOOGLE.

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  2. With that number of email addresses – and for business purposes – I do strongly believe that if you saw a lawyer, you would have a case on your hands for sudden lost opportunities to work – and i’m sure they’d think of other things. Like, all you wrote is your intellectual property, not Google’s. This sounds absolutely horrific. I believe you should do something about it, more than just expressing disappointment.


  3. Sounds weird. I have had a gmail account for years. Have never had a problem with them. Did you send an email asking what’s up? Sorry, your post doesn’t mention if you have or not, and I don’t want to assume you did. If not, I’d email them, if so, keep emailing them! So sorry this happened to you, I hope you are able to straighten it out.

  4. I don’t know if your Gov had anything to do with this or not, but the US Gov has been cracking down and monitoring Google and Facebook for some time. I don’t think it’s right, but the news reports this stuff all the time. Another good search engine is When you use it, it will show searches for google, bing, ask, etc.

  5. I am in the process of moving my email address from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. I had been a faithful Yahoo Mail user for over 10 years, ever since Yahoo and Microsoft went into the mail business.

    I like the Chrome browser, but it became unable to process Yahoo Mail. The only browser that could was Internet Explorer, which I hate. Switching was a huge job, but I became determined to do it.

    One thing I have been noticing, over and over – Internet companies have become less and less capable in many ways (partly as a result of the move to The Cloud) – and we, the Internet users are the ones who suffer as a result. Amazon seems to be the one exception.

  6. ouch, I just signed up to a gmail account day before yesterday … (sigh) but my old account with another provider was not conductive to stress free communication either so out of the frying pan and into the fire? who knows?

  7. Google has already gotten in dutch for publishing parts of books without the authors’ permission – there was a class action suit against them but I don’t know how it turned out. It sounds like you have a case against them. I shy away from google myself – and hope that other search engines don’t pull stuff like this.

    • I think Google is unfair and I don’t think I will ever be returning to their crappy website. It is unbelievable. Something so big in this world can stoop to that low. My google gmail and blogger days are over with them.

  8. Maybe one of these days they will get the message. I hope by then it is too late and get their reward in results. Fame must have got in to their head.

  9. That is horrible. I suggest you do one post on WordPress every day in addition to your normal post. Make it a short sentence post..THIS IS DAY——- and google has still NOT responded to my questions. Post a link to this post. and let’s just see what happens. Big guys ignoring the little ones really pisses me off. !ake it a cut and paste just change the number each day! Keep us posted and we can start our own queries on your behalf!!

  10. First of all, thank you for following me. 🙂

    For a long time I did consider which blogging service I would use.
    Google’s way of shutting down blogs without giving the account users any kind of warning. Another one is Blogger or Blogspot is censored in China, WP on the other hand isn’t.
    So I was choosing between and, I ended up since I don’t know much CSS, also like the tags/categories which I think Blogger lacks.

  11. I’ve had a Gmail account for some time, and I actually started my I Want Ice Water blog on Blogger before migrating over to WordPress. I remember bookmarking some sites that explained how to back up a Gmail account a while back. This post has me wondering if I should look into that again!

  12. I’m wondering if the problem is China not google. My husband has a g mail account and so do my sons. No one has been happier than them. However google in China has been having a lot of trouble. Can you give more information? Was it your blog site or your email account? Or was it your browser? And what happened? How did it shut down? Did you just one day find it gone? Or what?

  13. My google account just disappeared like yours, but I got lucky I guess, about a week later it reappeared.. Don’t know why it disappeared nor why it suddenly re appeared.
    Good luck

  14. Thanks for the follow. 🙂

    To echo a few other replies here: have you contacted Google regarding this matter?

    Although it sounds like many people here may have had bad experiences with Google, they seem to be a fairly accessible bunch, and against censorship, which is why hearing about Blogger shutdowns is surprising to me.

    I would be curious to know how they respond once you contact them, if you have not already. If they do, you should ask for permission to post the conversation and then do it!

  15. Wow Talin. I could imagine your devastation. I’m still banned from using Google ads but I’m still allowed all other G services so I suspect either your case was a technical error like my case or it has something to do with your Blogger blog.

    You must prevent this from happening with your other account so import your contacts to at least 2 other email service. And if you change your mind and try to retrieve your G account, just tell me. I might be able to help.

  16. This is so timely to me. I am attempting to convert my blog to my own domain, and I’m unsure to continue with blogger, or use wordpress. I have GFC followers…a fair bunch of them. Do you happen to know if Google allows the continued service of that follower list or will I have to start from scratch?

  17. A few months back I started yahoo e-mails and I’m so happy I did. I think now I’ll transfer my addresses, especially the one associated with my WordPress blog. Thank you for sharing your problem. I feel terrible for you and hope there is something you can do to get your information back. Keep us updated.

  18. Wow! I’m surprised to here this. I’ve never had any issues with my Google mail account like that. I am assuming you’ve been trying to contact. I’m wondering if this is some screwup that someone didn’t catch. I used to use blogger for blogs but found WordPress offered a lot more in way of themes, etc. It would be hard for me to leave wordpress now.

  19. I feel for you, kid. But, I don’t feel like you’ve explained exactly what has happened here. How did this come about? What have they been able to tell you, by way of an explanation? Have they given you any time table for resolution of the problem?

  20. Ouch! I know the feeling. Just yesterday my msn email was about to be cancelled because it took me forever to change my credit card on their file with the new country I am living in. Country is the only thing you cannot change through their internet service and getting them on the phone is of paramount efforts!

  21. Thanks for the follow! 🙂 Hope you like reading posts i share!

    Sorry to hear about your google accounts. That must have been really devastating, in understand! I like gmail because i find it lot easier than yahoo, especially it’s file attachment feature, but now your post is making me wonder if i should just stick to yahoo for work related communication atleast.

    Anyway, Where you able to contact google? Any luck with finding out why they did that?

  22. Once you get a resolution, and I’m sure you will, I’d be curious to know their justification. I would’ve devastated if they closed my accounts.

    Love & Light

  23. I never thought that I was coming to the end of your comments successful you must be..which makes my thanks for visiting my blog all the more important.. I am deeply grateful, thank you so much. You are more than welcome to return to visit any time you feel like it .I shall be pleased to see you.
    I am very sorry to read about you bad experiences with Google… I use Google so I do hope that it will not happen to me. Have you written to Head Office and complained? I do not know where it is but its in America that is all I know.
    Never give up! When you give have failed!

  24. I had problems with WordPress which were finally resolved, although like you I felt I went to hell and back during the ordeal. The problem seemed largely due to WordPress responding to a huge hacking situation. My blog just got caught in the their attempts to unravel themselves from the mess. Hopefully that’s what caused your dilemma with Google. I can’t imagine that they would have a personal vendetta against you. You might keep after them about reinstating you…or if you keep blogging about the problem it may get their attention. I don’t think any company likes bad publicity.

    Thanks for stopping by “hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul” and liking my post. 🙂

  25. OMG, that is terrible. I am so sorry for you and I hope you got it back. WordPress is the way to go. Email other than Google I don’t know of any great ones. I have Yahoo and it’s not too bad… Best of luck. Happy holidays!

  26. Google is getting arrogant and their arrogant actions with users has a political piece, too. WordPress tells you obviously right up front that your writing is yours, (as in not theirs) you can download it and close down whenever you want to, period. Google wants to own all the information in the world.
    I don’t like monopolies, I’ve said it on my own blog many times,, and I’d like to find a good search engine outside them. Yahoo is only one that is an actual “base level” search engine that I’ve found besides google, but I don’t like them because they gave me a “not approved” web page when accessing pamela geller’s web site once. I prefer a more loving approach to Muslims in general, but I hate Big Brother thought police a lot more.

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