The Choices We Make. Do We Make The Right Ones?

We always find ourselves in a situation where we have to make choices in our lives. Do we really make the right ones all the time? Do you direct yourself to the right path, or do you end up in a dead end somewhere, where your completely stuck and do not know what to do? I am sure all of us have made great and poor choices in our lives in terms of the type of friends to be around with, a relationship you have with your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or your associations with people whom you work with.

I know that all of us are free to make our own choices and decisions in our lives, and I know some people say its my decision or my choice to do anything I want to do or who to associate with. Sometimes we get so defensive and stubborn toward others who really genuinely care about a certain situation or who you are with and that is completely normal, but you have to find it in your heart somewhere, where maybe the people who are trying to help you such as family or a best friend or someone who always want the best for you are trying to make you watch out, and give you warnings about certain situations that arise in life. We then cannot go and blame those people who did give you the advice to stay away from those people or do something risky in life and pay the consequences later.

It is always good to think twice and sometimes three times about what to do, say, and act. It is very crucial to really think about the choices we make whether its about our health, relationships, friendships, colleagues, occupation, material, and among everything else in life. In order to make good choices, we must look into ourselves, spend time with ourselves to discover what is good for me, what is beneficial for me. It is very imperative to know these things. It doesn’t hurt to talk to others, to get other peoples opinions on something, it doesn’t hurt to talk to a priest if you are religious, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to others about a problem or issue that arises. Always be open minded to new suggestions, always strive to make decisions that will bring you up instead of a downfall which then sometimes cannot be redone again if the damage has been done.

If you start on the right path, direct yourself and always try to improve yourself, you will always be successful in everything you do. You mark my words for it. I know sometimes things come up that prevent you from having success in your life whether its personal, public, or in the workplace, but never try and let an obstacle or someone negative or someone who never makes great choices or things that are terrible get to you and your hard work and effort you have put in. Always give your one hundred percent and never settle for less than what you are.

Be yourself, and love yourself. The decisions are there, but make it right. You will know the difference sooner or later. I leave it all up to you on how you want to handle it and your life.

5 thoughts on “The Choices We Make. Do We Make The Right Ones?

  1. peter bedros sarkissian says:

    dear talini reading your testimonial expressing your love for your Armenian heritage.mentioning all the good people that had influenced you in becoming a proud Armenian.especially your family which is the foundation of everything we are and we become in our lives.i would say not all the time.sometimes you look at families that from they one they do everthing that you mentioned that your family did for you and we are baffled at the outcome.the children stay away from everything that is Armenian.why?

  2. xxxxxxxxxx says:

    Dear Peter, let me give my opinion and thoughts, I believe that they are all proud to be Armenians, some do go public schools and develop close friendships with other nationality friends and remain more comfortable keeping ties and spending time with them,since they have been childhood friends, I do hope that is one of the main reasons.

  3. Carmen says:

    We all need to make choices, if we don’t, we don’t move…!

    Finding out who we are, like you said mentioning so many ways in your article Talin, is a good way to start determining what choices we want to make in life. Yes of course mistakes will happen, the idea is to learn from them. The second time around, they will no longer be called a mistake but a choice…

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