People who have come in and out of my life…

Do you often think of all the people who have come and gone out of your life? Do you sometimes think about all the people you have met? Isn’t it terrible when people meet each other, they just come to you to use you and all other times they don’t even bother with you? It is not a good trait at all. You will know who is true to you when they stick around especially on important days, situations in someones life.

Sometimes, we must sit and think and review everyone in our lives. We must think about the people who love us for who we are, appreciate us for who we are, and we must test everyone in our lives. Trust goes a long way. This day in age trusting and finding good people are very rare. In the end everyones out to get themselves, so we must choose our friends and who we want to hang out with carefully. Sometimes family members can also fail in our lives. Which is why I say to becareful. It is for our own benefit later in life. When the going gets tough we will see who is true or not and sticks around.

When him/her spends a lot of time with someone, gives them their all and goes to the ends of the earth for the person, assists them, gives them valuable advice and the person does not realize and recognize that and starts using, backstabbing, and leaving people out of important things in ones life is not such a nice thing to do.

Personality Traits/Characters I do not Like:

– Someone who uses someone for their personal satisfaction
– Someone who only comes forth when needed
– When people do not include others who have been there for them in ones important timess in life.
– When people make poor choices without thinking
– When people do not appreciate and admire others for who they are.
– When people get made fun of because they are different then everyone else.
– When people don’t respect others
– When people don’t treat others right
– When people are so nice with you and behind their back you spread negativity and terrible things about them
– When people don’t acknowledge others.
– When people flaunt themselves thinking they are high and mighty
– When people think they are all that and hide who they really are in a retrospect
– When people are snakes, they laugh, talk and be friendly with you but behind your back, they are not true people to associate with.

You must really really think about who you choose to associate with. In the end result it may or may not be a great one. I have learned so much about trusting people in the last 2 years. I do not trust people easily anymore due to somethings that have happened. You cannot trust anyone which is the bottom line, but I do trust a few people in my life now who have stayed true to me, who have been their for me, who have given me advice.

As you grow older, more mature and gain more intelligence about people, you will realize that people are different, not everyone is like you, not everyone thinks the same way as you do, fake and insecure  people will always be the ones who flaunt and make themselves feel important and look like they own the place and can talk to others they way they want to without thinking and hurting people in the process. You cannot expect everyone to love, appreciate and respect you. Respect is earned.

Do onto others as they have done to you, tooth for tooth, eye for eye, leg for leg. Respect and Appreciation does go a long way. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is reality. People are selfish and self-centred and those are not good traits to develop. Selfishness is not a good thing, being self-centred and always centre of attention is not good either. Not everything revolves around one person.

Think about these things. Are we really with the right people in our lives? Are we really associating and spending our time with true people? Is it worth to destroy yourself from the evil temptations of others? Is it worth it? Ask yourself that question.. Is someone really worth your time? Is it worth helping others and being there for them in difficult times, when in return all you get is Coal in your stocking at Christmas?

Make time for yourself and make time to reflect on people and things in our lives. It goes a long way and our lives will be better. Think about it.

People who are true will stay
People who are down to earth and friendly will stay
People who care and are genuine will stay
People who show and act rather than talking all the time will stay.
People who understand you and where you come from will stay…

Trust, Understanding, True, Genuine, and Care are important in your life.
It is up to you to fnd those who have those characteristics.

I wish you all the best in your life decisions.

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