Life in a Truckers World

For many years now, trucking, transport and logistics have been an interest for me. On my journey’s from Montreal to Toronto; Toronto to Montreal, I have seen many transport trucks, companies, logistic transports and I must say, I have a tremendous amount of respect for all the truckers out there who risk their lives everyday to transport our life’s daily necessities, to make our world go around, to make all our needs available at all times. You got it, they brought it.

I have many trucker friends and many people involved in the transport world. I hear stories all the time. Once on my way to Montreal, I had stopped at a service centre and I had talked to one or two truckers who are partners of the Transport Company called Mackinnon Transport. They told me stories about how it is not an easy job, how driving big rigs/trucks are difficult at times especially in the winter months. I have been told many stories of drivers from Several Companies which I have read online and where people have told me in a personal level. People share these stories with me on Service centres across the Highway 401 east/west Even when they are strangers. I guess they want to spread it around to anyone. I have heard stories of terrible accidents and among other things.

As I drive back and forth from Montreal/Toronto, I always see them driving. I sometimes see several trucks in one area and it is important to give them enough space to drive around them, not to be around the trucks too much and just give them the distance because you never know what happens.

I know some truck drivers cannot handle certain situations on the road, or some can be terrible truck drivers, but I can understand their point because if you have been driving for over 8 hours or 10 hours a day, it does become too tiring and now there are laws out there that a trucker or a bus driver cannot drive for more than 12 hours a day. It is a policy now which I really like. Every trucker should be allowed breaks and should be allowed to relax a lot. It takes a lot out of you physically, emotionally and mentally. When you have been a truck driver for so long and when you drive for long hours, you can easily be hypnotized by the lines and turns especially at night times.

Truck drivers always sacrifice alot as well. They leave their loved ones, friends and their homes to drive all over the place to transport our needs. It takes an emotional and mental toll on them. If you do see or hear a cranky trucker, it is because they are so stressed out, and so emotionally and mentally drained that sometimes they do not know what they are saying or doing.

I myself was really interested in becoming a truck driver because I love driving so much. I was very close to getting my AZ/DZ Truckers licence, but I said it is going to take a toll on me and when I heard stories, I said maybe I shouldn’t do this job. It is not for me. I am so intrigued, so interested in these big trucks and transport trucks that each time i go, I see the companies, and I see the different types of rigs. I love Peterbilts and Volvo trucks. They are gorgeous. I especially love the straight chromed trucks with the shiny chrome and great grill.

I definitely understand what it is to be a trucker. I have worked in a transport company before in the office and It takes a lot of paperwork and a lot of work to just transport things back and forth and make on time deliveries and among other things. Some companies are so strict with time deadlines, that if a shipment is late more than half an hour, the trucker will then be forced to transport the product/products back to where it came from and that takes a lot of money and time.

So if you ever stop at a 401 service centre in Ontario, or where ever, just for curiousity sake just go up to a trucker and ask questions. I am sure they would love to talk to someone as most truckers are by themselves a lot so they always look for people to talk to and just express feelings. You will know automatically on who truckers are by the way they wear the clothes they have. Most truckers come in vests, their trucking company logo, jeans, and other types of apparel.

Trucking can be fun too, Driving is fun too, but always remember and always find it in your heart to respect, to acknowledge how important it is to know a truckers life isn’t easy at all. So use your judgement.

God Bless our truckers.
BE COURTEOUS To truckers
DO NOT Cut Truckers off as it dangerous
Pass Truckers safely
When going in front of a trucker, give a lot of room, wait then signal then make the lane change.

I ❤ Truckers!

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