Bullying, My Personal Experiences…

In a recent video I saw of a boy getting bullied at school from this other person really got to me emotionally. Nobody should have to deal with someone who is a bully. It breaks my heart to see people being in that situation. Being picked on because they are different, people making fun of others because they look different, or think differently. These things should not happen at all. It all starts from the influences and up-bringing of this child from home. Parents have a lot to do with how their child grows and matures. It is very important to teach children, that it is not ok to bully others, that making fun of others because they like or don’t like a certain thing. Children need their parents and it is important for parents to spend as much time with their kids as possible, teach them to be humble, friendly, inviting, to share, to welcome people from an early age, so that when they grow up, they will be much more respectful and have dignity towards others and themselves.

It really doesn’t matter the colour of skin, our height, weight, our interests, our cultures, and everything else. We are all the same and nobody should be treated in that manner. I am speaking from experience. I have been a victim of bullying when I was in Elementary and High School. They were some of the most toughest times for me. I used to spend a lot of the recess breaks and lunch breaks playing by myself, and eating by myself and I would go walk with the Teacher and Teacher assistants. I had some of the worst and depressing times of my life. I would be so happy coming home all the time. I didn’t have that extra corricular classes outside of school, I would be so afraid of joining groups in school because I would be rejected. Rejection was what I have been through in life. It was so difficult for me.

When I was in school, I used to wear these big eye glasses, and people would call me names like FOUR EYES, NERD, GOOF, so many things because I was different and I was one of the only few in the school who had glasses at the time. So I was made fun of. There were a lot of the students who were beyond mean and terrible toward me. Sometimes I would make an excuse to say I am sick, or I dont feel like going to school today, so I will stay home and play with my dolls. and stay in bed, which sometimes I did. Everything was great once I got home. The love, the support of my family was what got me through the toughest times ever. It was very tough for me to face school everyday, but thank goodness my grades were not effected by it. It took an emotional toll for me to have to go through other students bullying me. I used to spend time in the office away from everybody, so I helped out in the office with the secretary and I used to talk to her during lunch time.

Then someone told me that it doesn’t matter what people do or say to you in school, because later on in life these things won’t matter anymore and life will change and things will get better for you in time. I was in such disbelief and I said how will it change? How will things get better for me when I am in this situation now? So as I graduated grade 8 and went to High School, the same students who were in my elementry school went to my high school and I said to myself High School is going to be worse and I was right it was. I used to spend spares, lunch times most of the time by myself, walking around the school, going to the guidance councillor to talk to them, and I would basically do everything all over again. I could not wait until High School was over. I said let the 4 years pass quick so I can be free from all of this angst and all this depressing stages in my life. So I graduated high school and It was a relief. No more bullying, no more having to deal with people making fun of me because I was different and thought differently. I used to come home and cry so much, and those emotions got to me a lot. Up to this day sometimes I think about all that. I prayed to God so much, that will my life be better? Will people stop bullying me and calling me names? He did answer my prayers. I thank God he saved me so many times. I love God. It would have been a lot worse for me, but I do not want to discuss that.

Immediately after high school things changed drastically, and I started to be happy, and look forward to things more. As I went into my 20’s life began for me. I was looking more positive at things when I started to make friends from all over the place, when I started going out more often to join Armenian clubs, Youth committees, and so many things, and My voyages to Montreal which I made so many friends, and my life is so much better especially in the last 3 years. They have looked up so much. My Guardian angels, and God answered my prayers and delivered. God Works in mysterious ways and I love him for that. I love him because he led the way to the path of happiness, a place where I can be free of bullies and people who make fun of me because of difference. He is a great man and he works wonders. He brought me fabulous people whom I adore, and love. My life is where I want it to be now. I am so happy, optimistic on life, and I try to reach out to others as much as possible, and I like to help others dealing with depression and other things in their lives. It is not a great thing to go through and someone like myself with experience of these situations would be helpful to them, to advise them and to lead them to the optimistic and great things of life.

I cannot describe how great I feel now, and I look to my past and I say goodbye to it, and now its a new beginning, great friends that I have, great family who supports and loves me, people who appreciate and love me for who I am. I love you all very much. God Bless all of those who have made my life awesome, happy, and lovely. Hugs and Kisses and May God bless you all and I hope people never have to go through what I went through in life. It is important to me to see my friends and family happy always and forever. Nothing more important in life than Health and Happiness. Much Love, Always —- Me — TALIN

12 thoughts on “Bullying, My Personal Experiences…

  1. I’ve never experienced bullying in real life. Mean, people were trying to offend me, but they were singular examples. Real bully I met on virtual. I was in shock that people can behave like that. That they can be so full of hate and aggression. That person was utterly obsessed with me. Sending to me rude messages from fake accounts, with the most vulgar names, laughing at me on public from my broken heart etc., attacking me everywhere. I adviced that person to stop living my life, to forget me, and to start living their own life, and trying to be happy, but it caused only bigger aggression, so I started ignoring that person at all.
    I don’t know, why that person with hundreds fake identities is so much obsessed with me. People say, that it’s some man rejected by me in the past looking for revenge. That person was doing everythinng to get my attention, and to get to me somehow, so maybe they were right. Maybe it’s somebody, who saw in me some of his old enemies, and I had just that bad luck to appear close to that psychomaniac… I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter, people who are bullying others are shame for human race.
    I am strong person, and I know my value, so I survived even the most dirty attacks, but It scares me, when I think, what would happen, if they went to somebody weak and vulnerable. They could even kill such person.
    I know, that nobody normal, and happy in life, will never bully others. Only people utterly unhappy, and full of complexes are looking for somebody weaker to bully them, and to feel better this sick way. So we should pity them, and pray for them. For their inner peace, and happiness. Only then they will stop attacking others.

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  4. I was an itinerant school counselor, k-12, for three years in rural Alaska and created individualized activities depending on the school culture and age appropriateness. I loved my students – all grades – and I tried to educate, illustrate, and be consistent in pointing out a bullying situation when I saw it. But it was frustrating, for I knew that I could be creative and have fun with the kids but the truth was I could not facilitate changes in bullying until the bully and the victim could see within themselves why the`behaved in a given situation. For both – I believe the issue is self-esteem. A bully feels insecure and blusters for attention from others by hurting others who appear weaker. A victim’s feelings of being unloved, unappreciated, and unable to fit in tends to hold it all inside and fears no one will support or understand.

    I recently read a very different perspective on the bullying issue from Garret Kramer, a life coach for professional athletes, who encourages looking within our own thoughts and feelings to achieve our goals. Here is the link for Garret’s article on bullying which for me, makes a great deal of sense: http://garretkramer.com/a-revolutionarily-simple-solution-to-bullying/

    Best of luck with getting on Ellen!

  5. I can definitely relate since I am a mother of twins who also got bullied when they were in public school. This school year, we transfer them to a private school which is a lot better since there are limited students. Seldom, they still find themselves being bullied because of our different religious beliefs. But I always remind them that as long as they keep their head high, turn their other cheek, and always do extra mile to do the right things, then bullying will eventually be non-existent.

  6. Talin, I too was bullied at school, and I too felt that I really started to be “in charge” of my life once I was in my early twenties. I’m not sure, though, that teaching children to be respectful can be very effective, unless parents lead the way by example. Children don’t become bullies just because their parents neglected to teach them that it’s not OK. Often these children were bullied (physically or emotionally) by their own parents, and they have grown to believe that this is a normal way to deal with other people.

    Some of the punitive approaches used by schools (“zero tolerance” programmes come to mind) compound the problem even further, by attempting to protect the “victims” while demonising and humiliating/punishing the bullies. This is a typical lazy, quick-fix approach that does nothing to address the underlying problem, which may be different in each and every case of bullying.

    What do you think?

  7. Talin, I sort of know what you went through. When I was in elementary I had glasses and braces. Kids used to call me metal mouth and four eyes or tell me I look like a nerd. It was tough because I didn’t understand why I was being treated differently. I was one of the first kids at my school to get them so I guess it was not socially acceptable to the kids there. I still remember this one kid who used to walk around with his eyes closed on purpose to imitate me and it was devastating.

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