Travel Tips: Airport

Travel Tips On Heading to The Airport, At The Airport, In The Air, After Landing.

Make sure you have everything you need packed, and always check back with the Airline and Airport for your flight times. It is very important to keep track of your flight schedule at least 12-24 hours prior to

departure as it is the travelers responsibility to make sure your on time for your flight and your at the boarding area well in advanced before getting in the airplane. Check in at least 3 hours before departure. We

always arrive more than 3 hours before our flight. It makes life that much easier because you know your going away that day, so you must always look at the time. Make sure you have all your important

documents such as passports, tickets, visas(if required), your declaration cards, whatever it may be. Now that there are a liquids and aerosol bans, make sure you get the right travel bottles to put the liquids in

and make sure they don’t exceed 100ml or you will be required to put them in your checked baggage. The best way to get through security is to empty out your pockets before heading to security to save more

time and the process will be much easier and you will be on your way to your airline gate faster. Due to where your destination is and what airline you will travel with always check out the maximum allowance of how

much weight you can carry in your checked and carry on baggages. If it exceeds the amount allowed, you may have to pay for each pound or each kilo added. So pack smart and pack efficiently. If you are

sending gifts or items, please do not wrap them because it maybe inspected. It is always the travelers responsibility to double check everything or you maybe denied boarding. In my past experiences, being on

time for your flight and being in the boarding area of maximum an hour or hour and a half before your flight is crucial because the flight attendants and airline ground workers will already start announcing your flight,

then they start announcing passengers between for example rows 1-15 please start boarding or 15-32. Through what I have witnessed that has happened people arrive to the gate 10 minutes before the flight

leaves. you do not want that. You want to be rested, relaxed and enjoying your trip without the sudden rush. It depends if your connecting flights though, but just relax and enjoy your airport experience and get

to places on time.

Here are some websites to help you out in your travels –

This is the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority:

Sunwing Airlines

Toronto Pearson Airport

Canada’s Airports



7 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Airport

  1. My tips:
    1. Only take hand luggage, that cuts 1 hour off at least, allows you to get boarding pass and walk right through to departures, sometimes within minutes of arrival.
    2. Put all the funny stuff in clear plastic bags. So, passport, money, phone, keys boarding pass all in one clear bag and one bag for each item of liquid, maybe best just have toothpaste. That way when you need your passport you can fetch it out the bag without emptying everything and losing something. Try to buy a strong clear plastic bag for multiple use.
    3. To places you go once a year or more find a way to keep spare clothes there, they will be the right clothes for the place and you save the planet a bit by not carrying everything around with you. Shopping locally is fun too!
    4. Instead of giving money to a charity why not buy nice stuff for your time away and give it to a charity when you leave? This could include shoes and coats which are usually the real pain when packing.

  2. I don’t know what it is like everywhere in Canada, bu in the US, a sense of humor is NOT appreciated at the security check-points. I have been assigned TSA agents to “observe” me on occasion when something I and other passengers thought funny did not amuse the TSA guy n front of me.

  3. Well.. what can I say about Toronto’s airport… It’s very hard to get lost inside it… but if you’re there for the first time… expect a lo(oooo)ng waiting at the Visa’s Check Point… as the Security Officer will be having a lo(oooo)ng list of questions about your travel… and not only… ( I was a little bit surprised to be asked about my family history… :O ). Other that that… enjoy your trip… and try to avoid, if possible, the french side… or at least… be sure to visit Montreal first… and the rest of Canada after… ;) – that’s my tip(s) for you guys !

  4. Great tips! This helps give me a mental prep before I travel with the boyfriend in a couple of weeks to visit his family. I’m very excited to spend more time with them! I have a couple of bad flying experiences so I’m a little nervous, but they are worth it. *smile*

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